Girish Kumar Navani is the perfect example of someone who can combine high level ability with entrepreneurial attitudes and it is no surprise to me that he has found the success that he has, with his medical software. Working in the tech industry I cannot tell you just how many people I have seen who clearly have an incredible ability for writing code and creating software, but they haven’t the house or the acumen to take it any further. In fact many of these young men and women try and fail in business, and end up working for a company, rather than running their own. From a young age Girish Kumar Navani was obsessed by computers and I believe that he started writing code at the age of 12. Girish was able to turn this ability into a success and here is how.


In the beginning Girish would design games and organizational tools on his computer, never really creating much apart from these quirky little programs. Around the age of 18 however he knew that he wanted to launch his own piece of software so he took the most sensible option, highlighting a need. Girish’s mum worked at a local doctors surgery and would often complain about the way in which the data was stored, the manual entry challenges which she faced and basically about the system’s ability to communicate with other systems in hospital for example. Girish took this as a challenge and over the course of the following year he created a Beta version of the product which is now used all over the country. Sleek software is great, but it should always look to solve  problem.

Rights and Ownership

As soon as the software was completed Girish Kumar Navani made sure that the code which he had written for this business idea was protected by copyright. So many people fail to do this and so what happens is that they pitch their idea to a company, who then reverse engineer the software to find out how it is coded, and then they make it themselves, cutting out the middle man. In fact this has happened to many great coders and they have lost their product instantly.


Instead of rolling the software out right away Girish decided to ask his mother to try it out in their local surgery. During the next 6 months Girish spent his time tweaking and improving the software suite, until it was ready to be launched. This work was the most important in terms of the product’s overall success because he was able to ensure that it worked perfectly before he rolled it out, and he was able to get honest feedback from his mum, which helped him to better shape the product for easier use.

The way that Girish Kumar Navani planned and executed this is something that many software developers can learn from, and it is why he has found the success which he has.