If you ask anyone what they truly want from life, most of the people will probably tell you that they want to be happy. Now, for some people it may be money that makes the happy, others it may be family and for some it may be fame and success. In my view, the best way to find out how to go and get your happiness, is to allow yourself to be inspired by those who have found it. In light of this I searched through my directory and found the number to speak to my good friend George Ammar, arguably the happiest person in Cleveland, Ohio, to find out how he found his happiness.

George is a successful man in both his private and business life, he is an Ohio certified public accountant who has also founded the successful Ohio CFO LLC and man who seems to have a resilience to stress and sadness, here are his tips on finding your happiness.

Understand What Makes You Happy

There are many out there who think that fame, power, respect and fortune will make them happy, when in truth this is what will make someone else happy. It is important therefore that you think deeply about what actually will make you happy. For example there are people out there with $100 million in the bank, a successful company under their charge, yet they are alone and miserable because all they want to make them happy is a family to come home to. Understand what makes you happy first, and then you can go get it.

Being Healthy

George is not only one of the happiest people that I know, but also one of the healthiest and he cites his health regime as having a direct link to his levels of happiness, and it is hard to disagree. A healthy lifestyle not only makes you happier by nature, owing to the positivity boosting vitamins and nutrients that you will be taking in, but also because it gives you the energy and the desire to go after what makes you happy. A health lifestyle does help your body, but it also releases chemicals which will ensure that you stay happy.

Doing What You Love

George says that once you have found what you love to do, be that work, family or activities, do it every single day to maintain that happiness. For George, the things that make him happy is having a successful business, staying in shape and being active, and having a family who he loves to come home to every day. In light of those three things, George makes sure that he spends time outdoors, with family and making his business as successful as possible, each and every day.

We can all learn something from the happiest man in Cleveland Ohio, Mr. George S. Ammar, an inspiration and a man who always has a smile on his face.