In order to not have major problems or persistent problems with our teeth, we each need to make a conscious effort to do the things that keep them healthy. This includes brushing twice a day and after heavy meals, flossing once a day and staying away from too many sugary foods that can cause excessive tooth decay. We should also make regular visits to the dentist for check-ups of our teeth and gums.

For a thorough dental exam Clinton Maryland residents should get a dental check up at the Audubon Dental Clinic of Clinton. This reputable and compassionate dental office will provide you with great service and a full dental check up to meet your needs. Here is a list of the services performed in their dental check-up.

The dentist will evaluate your overall teeth and gum health – They will tell you about any problems with your teeth and if there are any existing problems or ones on the horizon. The focus will be on your risk of tooth decay, root decay, and gum or bone disease, each of which can be major problems in the future.

The dentist will evaluate you oral hygiene and suggest any needed changes – We each have a home oral hygiene regimen that may or not be effective for the health of our teeth or gums. If the dentist sees any problems there will be questions about your oral hygiene practices and suggestions made about changes to your practices that will improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Check your bite and jaw for problemsMisaligned teeth or jaws can create many problems including teeth grinding and being worn down prematurely, headaches, and pain at some point. Recognizing these problems early can allow repairs that will avoid current and future problems.

The dentist will do a teeth cleaning – This process will whiten your teeth and remove any stains or deposits on your teeth.

The dentist will do any diagnostic testing and procedures – These might include dental X-rays and other procedures to test the health of your teeth and gums.

From these procedures, the dentist may decide you need a dental procedure if in fact have teeth or gum problems that need immediate attention. Depending on the age of your teeth, the condition of your teeth, and the type of problem the dentist might recommend a root canal, a dental crown, a bridge or even dentures.

The dentist might also recommend cosmetic dentist procedures including bonding, braces or dental implants which can replace one or all of your teeth.

A dental exam is a preventative procedure designed to avoid you dental issues that can be painful and health threatening. It can also reveal to you cosmetic dental procedures that can improve your smile and confidence. If you live in the Clinton Maryland visit the Audubon Clinic of Clinton and get a full dental check by the best dentists in the area.