Has your company scaled to the size now where you are having to deal with too many phone calls?  Do nuisance sales calls slow down your day preventing you from getting on with business?  Does your team end up having to deal with customer enquiries over the phone which should be dealt with elsewhere in your business?  That’s probably why you’re asking is there an answering service near me that can handle all our calls?

Locating a Professional Answering Service Near Me

There are several answering services to choose from and it might seem that you’re spoilt for choice, but actually there are several factors you want to take into account when deciding on the best answering service to partner with. 

First of all you want to find a answering service that has years of experience, with a professional trained team that knows exactly what they’re doing because they’re already doing it for many other clients.  It will be a lot easier to just plug in one of these experienced companies, they’re customer service call answerers will be able to handle your calls easily without many teething problems, and in fact you may find that they handle all enquiries better than your current team.

A second factor is that you want to use an answering service that prioritizes your customers talking to a person over being handled by an automated system.  Let’s face it, what your customer really wants is to call your number and within seconds to be talking to a real human who can answer their enquiry.  How refreshing would that be?  When’s the last time you rang up one of your suppliers and that happened to you?  It’s very rare nowadays.  Well that’s achievable with a professional answering service that has a large call center, they should be able to handle any volume of calls efficiently.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Answering Service

To get the best out of the relationship with your answering service supplier you want to ensure that you provide them with as much information as possible regarding your team, structure, internal phone numbers, what typical enquiries are and how to handle them.  Over time you will be able to provide more information that allows them to handle more of the enquiries themselves rather than those calls be forwarded into the business.

A good idea is to also outsource some of the follow-up activities to the call answering service company if they are able to do that, such as setting up appointments, sending literature that is requested, following up with emails confirming information given, tracking delivery with your shipping company, etc.  By outsourcing the follow up to the call service company you are freeing up your own team to focus on actually delivering the product or service that you specialize in.

You could find that by using a call answering service firm, your customers become even happier with your customer service and are dealt with much more efficiently than before.