Everyone is always looking for a better way to live, a healthier way to exist, and even diverse ways to get extra cash. Today, besides your day job, there are other avenues like playing the lottery or sports or novelty betting that can earn you a few extra coins. Luckily, there are so many apps that have been developed for this sole purpose. And below are the features that make them so exceptional to use when wagering.

1. A comprehensive match summary 

The best apps, including the 888Sport app, offer their clients a detailed match summary that is useful to the research of a team to bet on. Since one needs to be ahead of the game by finding out the past performances of specific groups, mobile apps will give you precisely that. These summaries are essential for someone who did not have time to watch the actual game. And it provides the match in detail stating every event that occurred during the game.

2. Offline services

Truth be told, the internet connections on our devices are sometimes slowed down or even off depending on the situation or location. Sometimes the charge or data runs low, or the area has no reception. And in normal conditions, you will not be able to bet. But all this has changed since mobile betting apps have the ability for one to access the site even with the low or inconsistent connection. Betting has never been this easy.

3. Multi-language support

Another service that makes betting apps exceptional is if it supports multiple languages. Having this feature means that people from different locations in the world can use this application. So much so, a punter in the US can enjoy the same treatment as one betting in Africa or India.

4. Instant payment options

One of the best things about working is payday. It is perhaps the most- anticipated days on the calendar. Well, now imagine having a payday every two days and even better every single day, fantastic right. Well, the good news is that this is possible through apps in the market today. You spend money to earn money, right, and on ordinary occasions, this investment would take long. But in this case of mobile apps, the transfer of both your deposit and withdrawal reflects instantly. Making betting apps the thing to have.

5. Ranking

Ranking refers to a list of people following how they have done on a particular event. In this case, when an app has a ranking feature, people using the app get motivated to bet more. The ranking gives you a broader perspective making the hobby more fun to be involved in. This is a great morale booster to the punters on top of the list and becomes motivation to the ones at the bottom.

6. Live Streaming

Having the luxury of watching a game on the go on a betting app, is something no one saw coming. Traditionally, you had to look for a big screen to be part of the action. But today, you can use your account on a betting site to watch an event of your choice, live. An app with this feature is one to have.