Fall is here, and the new season of fashion has officially arrived!

To celebrate, we invited Instagram influencer Ken Julian to share his thoughts on Fall Fashion Trends for 2021, based on upcoming trends and his own personal style. This will hopefully give you some ideas of what to wear this season. Ken Julian is known as one of the top 50 fashion influencers on Instagram, and his street style is often featured in articles online.

The Must-Have: Bigger and Bolder 

The fall fashion trends for 2021 are destined to be big. Ken expects the waistlines to be higher, sleeves shorter, and hemlines longer, but also expects pops of color in unexpected places. For instance, instead of falling at the end of your shirt or jacket, we expect designers to bring the color up to your neck. Fall is bringing a bright splash of color this year, with shades of green, yellow, and even shades of violet.

On the footwear front, expect a bolder step into the world of sneakers. Don’t be surprised to see the introduction of 80’s inspired fuzzy lace-up boots by Balenciaga or Stella McCartney continuing her trend of incorporating other fashion trends from decades before in her designs.

The New Comfort Colors

Comfort is still a huge trend in fall fashion trends for 2021, but the comfort colors are getting softer and adding more pastels to the mix. What this means for you is less black and charcoal grey in your closet; instead, opt for calming rose quartz or soft yellow hues. 

Trends for 2021 Accessories

As far as accessories go, look for new shapes and forms. The most significant trend in fall fashion trends for 2021 is the introduction of more sophisticated shapes into accessory designs. Ken said your fall season should be full of angular geometric shapes to go with those new angular cuts; this includes things like a trapezoid-shaped handbag. The unique shapes will be more on the geometric side rather than soft and round because designers want to add a touch of sophisticated edge to their designs, which is why you’ll see angular cuts mixed with pastel colors this fall.

What About This Season’s Must-Have Bag?

Ken Julian had an interesting take on what he expects to be the must-have bag this fall season: true to his fashion. He said it should be a big and fun statement piece. Ken suggests that you consider a crossbody or hobo bag from Givenchy; these bags are embellished with genuine gold chains, so they’re not only functional but also bold and exciting!

What Not to Do

While you will definitely be seeing your favorite fall colors this season, Ken warns social media influencers to keep a watchful eye out for trends that have already been done before. So take it from him; stay away from the all-over printed sweatshirts!

What You’ll See Everywhere

There will be an increase in solid colors with a big focus on darker tones – even black is making a comeback! The grunge style seems to have lost popularity after 2019, but Ken does see a bit of its influence in the new styles. He predicts that there will also be an increase in two-piece outfits and louder pops of color.


Ken Julian’s predictions are very similar to what we have seen in the past few years. The biggest difference is the dark colors and bolder prints. So, if you want to make a big splash this season, the fall fashion trends for 2021 might have just what you need!