Just when we all thought that the prospect of another lockdown was not the case, many areas of the country have now been placed under lockdown across the Christmas period. Now it must be said that the reason why this is not as bad as it first appears is because of the fact that we have already done this once and many of us should have learned exactly what it is like and hw best to get through it. 

One of the best ways that I have found, has been to pick up a new hobby during the lockdown, and here are some ideas which you should be thinking about. 


My dear friend Faii Ong was so kind this year the she actually took some time out to show me how to play the fascinating game of chess. The reason why this is a great game to learn is that there is so much to it and that is what will keep you busy during this downtime. Chess is super challenging and even after playing it for a decade you’ll be finding new approaches and strategies. Head to the website where you will find games, guides and the chance to play against random people around the world. 

Playing The Guitar 

The guitar is one of the simplest and most accessible ways to get started with a new instrument. The main reason for this is that you can pick up songs pretty quickly and unlike bass or drums for example, you don’t need backing tracks to play along to your favorite movies. Once you have your guitar you are going to find an absolute wealth of resources online which will help you to improve in no time at all. 


Whilst baking may not be the healthiest of hobbies to pick up, given the fact that someone has to actually eat what is made, it is a great choice to fill up the time. Many baked goods take a long time with regards to the planning, preparing and then the baking itself. Thankfully we have nothing but time on our hands and that is why it makes perfect sense for you to pick up baking as a hobby during this lockdown. 

Drone Flying 

Drones can be used to take some of the most spectacular images from a birds-eye perspective, but the truth is that they are not that simple to use, and they do in fact require a great deal of practice. What better time than now then, to get out into the garden or to an open public space, and send the drone up to learn how you can get the very best images and have the very best control over the device? If you can master this now then when the pandemic is all over with, you will be able to head out and get some truly breathtaking images. 

These are just a few options for hobbies which you may consider during this lowdown.