It can be hard to think of a different Easter gift to give the kids every year. Now they’re a few years old, and the stuffed animals have piled up, so the parents don’t want to get them another one this year, because let’s be honest–half the time they go untouched. Candy is a given, but they want to give them something more special and memorable. So, what do they get them this year? There is so much to choose from, and people do not realize it, so here is a list of Easter gift ideas to consider this year.


There are a lot of books about Easter, whether they be about the Easter bunny, the crucifixion, or the history of Easter. This can be a special gift because it gives the kids a chance to learn more about Easter. If they are young kids, then this would be the perfect opportunity to sit down with them and read for a while. Also, it could turn into a special tradition.


Easter clothes are adorable, and they make a great gift. Maybe gift the girls Easter hats and the boys Easter ties. There is a lot of different options that one could do here. Easter dresses and Easter sweater vests or Easter shoes. Maybe seal it off with a family picture then print them out and frame them. It would be a great gift for the entire family. Just make sure to balance it out with candy for the kids.

Something They Have Wanted for a while

Who says that Easter gifts have to be related to Easter? Get them the new game they have been wanting, or perhaps a board game and special lunch for the entire family. Parents know their kids better than anyone else, so they are guaranteed to know what will make the kids heart swell with joy. It might not be Easter themed, but if they love it, then that will make it worth it because everyone loves seeing their kids smile.

Card with Candy

As for Easter gift ideas, The Works has a great selection of Easter cards. Pair them with candy, and kids of all ages will love this. The Easter cards range from cards for young kids to those for adults, so this is a great option, especially for those older kids. What’s their favourite candy? Add it, and it will be the perfect gift.

Craft Kits

Craft kits are a lot of fun, especially for younger kids. There’s a lot that can be found in stores or online. This can be a family activity which will make it memorable. The kids will enjoy getting to do crafts and spend time with the family. 

An Event

Sometimes a memory is better than a tangible gift, so consider a lunch out or an Easter egg hunt, a day at the park, or a number of other things. Kids will look back on the day quite fondly. There is no going wrong with a gift this good!