Here in Arizona I am part of a debate society which always picks up on the hottest topics, and then selects a person to argue each side. What I enjoy about his is that you may have to argue the side that you disagree with, in order to help you grow as a debater. Last week one of our debaters, Dr. Roger Olade, brought up the topics of healthcare education in schools, something which has been lacking in any real way here in Arizona for a number of years. Dr. Olade made a case that was so compelling, he inspired me to write this article about why indeed there should be more education on health in schools.

 We’re Fat

The USA is regularly towards the top of the list when it comes to countries with obesity issues, and that is no doubt down to a lack of knowledge. We have the wonderful ability in this country to cure many diseases and fix many disorders but that is no reason why we should keep on contacting them as a result of eating too much. Obesity can lead to risk of heart disease, diabetes type 2 and a whole host of other ailments from back pain to leg damage.


 Thanks to this long list of disease it costs insurance companies and government bodies millions a year to treat the issues which have come about as a result of over eating and poor living. If we decide to invest this money back into the system via education, people like Dr. Olade can focus on advancements in other areas such as internal medicine, rather than spending their days with people who have illnesses that could have been avoided.

 Kill The Myths

 In this digital age we hear so much about foods and diets, and what the right way to live is. Unfortunately there are many myths which are peddled online, myths that young boys and girls grow up believing. If however we were able to educate the youth, we can kill these myths and give them the information on their health that they actually need.


 We can greatly increase our society on the whole if children are given proper education about the dangers of underage sex, smoking, drug taking, alcoholism and over eating. Unfortunately for many years we didn’t go about this the right way but instead of changing the way that we educate our children, many states, Arizona not included, have decided to give up altogether.


 As Dr. Olade rightly mentions, healthy people are more intelligent than non healthy people. TO put this a little more specifically, those who live a healthy lifestyle are far more likely to reach the limit of their potential, than those who do not live a healthy lifestyle. If we can educate the young people on what an actual healthy lifestyle looks like, we can positively affect their lives and help them to be better people, who reach their potential.