There aren’t many benefits to the current pandemic we find ourselves in.  The one plus is the unexpected free time a lot of us have.  Free time means we have the time to do things we haven’t been able to fit in as well with normal life.  We have the ability to turn a catastrophic negative into something positive.  A great way to use your time in lockdown is by dedicating yourself to losing the extra pounds you have struggled to shift previously. Experts like Dr. Matthew Boente have been extremely vocal in how lockdown can benefit weight loss.  Weight loss will occupy your time and do wonders for your mental health in this tough predicament.  Below there are some tips on how you can use your time to lose weight.

Fixing Your Diet

With the amount of time we have on our hands, there is no excuse for having quick fix unhealthy meals.  A good way to use your time is by preparing a healthy diet plan that you can stick to on a daily basis.  Having a good healthy balanced diet is so important when it comes to losing weight.  Prepare a plan that will fill you, but will not exceed the amount of calories you burn in a day.  The key to weight loss is to consume less calories than you are burning, do this and the weight will drop off.  Once you start to get into the swing of things, start preparing your meals for the week.  You have the time to batch cook meals and this will keep you incredibly focused.


Even though gyms are closed, you still have a lot of time to get exercise into your routine.  As mentioned within your diet, once you start batch cooking your meals you will get even more free time.  A good way to get a good exercise plan is by using the technology around you, smartphones and the internet have great exercise classes you can do in your front room.  If classes aren’t for you, you can also take up hobbies that will burn calories, go for runs or dust off your bike from the garage.  If you maintain a high level of exercise within your time off you will see the results.  Even if you get in twenty minutes a day, you will start to notice a difference.  Not only will exercise benefit how you look, it will extend your life expectancy.  Exercise is proven to strengthen your body and reduce chance of heart attacks.

Helping Your Mental Health

Exercising to help your mental health isn’t talked about enough.  Especially in a time that it so difficult it is so important to look after yourself mentally too.  Exercise will make you feel accomplished and give you something to do.  Occupying your brain at the moment is so important, it will break up your day and help you sleep better.  Look after your body and look after yourself, this is dark times we live in but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.