Healthcare workers

There aren’t many of us who didn’t have respect and awe for medial staff before all of this pandemic thing started, but even those rare people who assumed health care workers were not amazing have truly been shown just how incredible these men and women really are. People like Dr David Crawford have spent the last couple of months going through some of the toughest times that they have ever faced, using their knowledge their skills and their experience to help the world in  managing a crisis which is unprecedented, at least in all of our lifetimes. I wanted to take a moment therefore and talk about exactly why these men and women are so great and why they deserve all of our love, gratitude and support.


It isn’t every day that doctors actually have to risk their life in order to save another’s, in fact for many nurses and doctors that day never even comes. During the CoVid-19 pandemic however this is exactly what doctors, nurses and surgeons are doing each and every single day. There are many healthcare workers who have not been given sufficient protective gear, yet still they turn up every day to help improve and save the lives of as many patients as they can. This level of sacrifice is normally something which we expect from the armed forces, who knowingly go into a situation where they are aware that they risk death, doctors and nurses did not sign up to risk their lives but that is exactly what they have been doing in order to help everyone.

The sacrifice is not just the potential sacrifice of lost life, it is also about leaving their family and friends, avoiding contact because of the nature of their jobs, this is absolutely amazing.

Mental Strength

It is fair to say that most people who have been on lockdown have had their mental wellbeing tested, and that is from those who are doing absolutely nothing in comparison to what the health care workers are. We know that brilliant doctors and nurses like David Crawford are already mentally strong and they have to see and do some things which test their mental wellbeing each and every day, but this is on a different level altogether. These health care workers are tired, they are working upwards of 15 hours per day and they are watching death and destruction on unprecedented levels.


It is the relentless nature of this virus which is so problematic and this is what must be testing so many in the medical world. They have to suit up each and every single day and go out there to do their thing. There is no end in sight and whilst thankfully there are many hospitals who have been seeing a reduction in figures, healthcare workers have been battling this for months now and the levels of tiredness and exhaustion must be incredible.

These men and women are absolutely amazing and we all need to recognize it.