Of all the things that this pandemic has taught us, or should have taught us, the number one is that staying in shape is always the best idea. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you may have pit some extra weight on this year, that is perfectly natural given the lockdown and the temptations which that has brought, not to mention the inactivity which so many of us have been faced with.

Medical experts such as Dr. Curtis Cripe have been highly vocal about the need for us to be in good health at the moment and here is exactly why they have been so vociferous.

Facing The Virus

What we have to remember is that the great majority o f those who have been affected badly by the virus have been those who have had underlying health conditions or those who have been overweight. Given the devastation which this virus has done to so many people, it is absolutely critical that we recognize just how important it is that we look to get in better shape. There is no need to become an elite athlete in order to improve your health, this is just about making sure that you are at a good weight and that you are active.

Risk of Temptation

As mentioned in the intro, this year has not only been one of inactivity but it has also been one where we have had every reason to give into temptation. Throughout the lockdowns the distance of time for example between the last coffee of the morning and the first drink of the evening became much shorter for many people. We also saw a number of people giving into poor habits like overindulging on junk food, again, something which was perfectly natural given the situation. If however we are focusing on staying in shape then this is something which you will not give into as much, because you will be working hard on staying healthy.

Mental Health

Physical health and mental wellbeing are two aspects of ourselves which are inextricably linked and this is something else which we have to bear in mind. This year has been one which has challenged all of us a great deal and that is why we have to be able to do as much as we can in order to give our mental health the boost which it needs. Being in shape means that you are likely to feel confident and positive, with plenty of feel-good chemicals flying around your body.

Ultimately staying in shape is not about the way that you look but the way that you feel. If you are able to commit to staying in good shape then you are naturally oohing to feel better and you will be in better health. It may not just be the virus that you are seeking to avoid, staying in good health means a strong immune system to deal with whatever comes along.