Last year, after many years of deliberation, I decided to go in to see the wonderful Dr. Alton Ingram, to review my options for breast augmentation. I had long thought that cosmetic surgery would be something rather extreme to do, but having read and learned more about it, I realized that here in Florida at least, it is very safe, and very commonplace. I wanted to talk a little today about the recovery process following this kind procedure, the state you will find yourself in and the care that you will need going forward. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so I wanted to share my experience to help you out if you are considering this surgery.

First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours after the surgery are the toughest and you may need a drug to kill the pain. After leaving the clinic you are in something of a daze, as this starts to wear off you instantly realize how sensitive your breasts are to the touch, even the lightest of brushes with your clothes can cause you to wince. Not only are your breasts more sensitive, but they feel strange on your body, almost as though they aren’t yours.

Following 24 Hours

That first night of sleeping can be tough but once you have got through the night, your chest area and breasts in particular will feel an awful lot better than the day before. You will find the motion is a lot easier, and the breasts should feel a little more comfortable in terms of them hanging. The dressing will still be on at this point, and you should freshen it up and check the results of the surgery.

Day Three and Beyond

Once you get to day three, you will really start to feel like your normal self again. Doctors even say that you can go back to work on day three or four if you are feeling up to it, although you may need to be careful in terms of lifting or doing any head physical exertion. Naturally this will depend on the state that you are in and how your recovery has gone.


In truth the process of recovery and your body adapting to your new implants will take around 2 to 3 weeks. With this being said you should be feeling fine after just a couple of days, and as long as you look after yourself and follow the advice of your doctor, then you shouldn’t run into any complications. Naturally you should avoid exercise or heavy lifting for a period of time after the operation, you should also look to relax as much as possible and ensure that you are changing the dressing with frequency. The only drugs which you will need are the likes of painkillers in the first few days, beyond that you won’t need anything else but rest.