Boston Parking

Parking in Boston can be a real pain, with inflated street parking prices and low security on the streets, people who work in central Boston like me have to instead resort to parking garages. To further compound the issue, many of these parking garages just aren’t fit for purpose and have a wide range of issues. There is some hope however and I have recently begun to use the brilliant Dock Square Parking Garage. These guys have the perfect set-up, location and they don’t show any of the issues which the rest of the parking garages here have. If you are in Boston and looking for a place to park, here is why I’d massively recommend Dock Square.


The very least that you should expect from a parking garage is that they are going to keep your car safe, but many in Boston just don’t offer maximum protection. Here at Dock Square however they have excellent surveillance systems and the team are always taking walks around the unit to ensure that everything is as it should be. I have never heard of anyone have a break in or any damage happen to them in this paring garage, which isn’t something that I can say for the rest.


Common issue which I’ve noticed with so many parking garages is that in their interest to make as much money as possible, they decide to implement thin spaces which you can get in, but which make it difficult to open up your door or find any space around the car. Dock Square however make sure that their spaces are wide enough for all vehicles and that you can have some space for a pushchair or a shopping cart. It is the simple things that this place gets right.


Another great benefit of parking your car here is that they have a reasonable and competitive pricing structure, which is cheaper per hour if you want long stay like myself. Too many parking garages in Boston try to charge exorbitant fees, avoid those and come to Dock Square instead, it isn’t the cheapest in the city but in terms of what you get for your money, it certainly offers the best value.

Customer Service

Something which very few of us look for in a parking garage is customer service, normally we just want to leave our car and get out of there. With this being said, because I arrive at the garage at the same time every morning and generally leave at the same time each night, I have a lot of contact with the guys who work there. Honestly it makes me feel much more secure to have a bit of a chat with the guys who look after my car, and this extra touch of customer service is greatly appreciated.

When parking in Boston, don’t look anywhere else than Dock Square.