climate strikes

People have different ways of doing their bit to help save the environment. For some people, climate strikes and protests are effective. They take to the street to make their voices heard. For them, the idea is that they want people to know what’s going on, and it’s the best way for them to get their message across. When people’s daily lives get disrupted, they become more attentive.

Collective voices

The good thing about these strikes is that they’re a sign of strength. They show that a lot of people believe in a cause and they want everyone to know about it. They also show that some people won’t take the problem lying down. They’re willing to stop what they usually do so they can join others in attracting more attention on the issue. When these protests are big enough, they can also get the attention of people in elected offices.

A seat at the table

Climate strikes don’t immediately affect change. In some instances, the number of people who join them is so small that no one seems to care. At best, it causes annoyance and inconvenience. However, there are times when these protests attract a lot of people, and they cause a huge media sensation. As a result, the government has no choice but to sit with the organizers of the movement. It’s a good thing because it’s a chance to shape the policies. It’s only when ordinary people get the chance to sit with the government officials that policies begin to change.

The point is that there are times when climate strikes work, while in other instances, they’re irrelevant. People listen when the voices are loud enough, while they ignore the strikes if they don’t amass huge numbers of people. 

Keep fighting

It doesn’t matter if the organization failed to meet the goal of the strike at that moment. The important thing is to keep sending the message out there. More people need to understand the effect of global warming and the need to act right away. If we stop now because no one seems to listen, it might be too late. The damage will become irreversible, and there will be nothing we can do.

There are many ways to fight

Organizing and joining climate strikes is one of the best ways to effect change in society. It’s also crucial in making people learn that reality needs to change. However, it’s not the only way to fight. You can change your practices at home to show others that you’re serious in your efforts. Keep your surroundings clean. Make sure you throw trash in the proper bin. Ask for help from Evergreen Junk Removal to guarantee your trash goes to the right places. It’s difficult to question your intentions about environmental protection if you show that you’re sincere in your efforts. You also want to tell your children that you’re doing what’s right, even if the situation seems hopeless. Make them believe in the cause and let the battle continue.