One of the most frustrating things when it comes to building a new structure or an addition to your existing property is having to go through the hassle of getting planning permission. This can often be a lengthy process which requires you to make changes to your design so that it fits in with what the local authorities are looking for. Housing expert Dino Tomassetti Jr. however, believes that whilst getting planning permission can be problematic, it is certainly an essential part of local law and we should all be lucky that it is in place. 

To those of you who are unsure as to exactly why this exists, here is why planning permission is in place

Protection of Freedom and Privacy 

We all have a right to freedom and privacy in our own homes and that is one of the core reasons why planning permission came about in the first place. For example let’s say that you live by the sea, and you have two windows on the side of your home which offer a delightful sea view. Now let’s assume that no planning permission exists, and you have a neighbor who wishes to build an extension which will jut out and block your sea view, does that seem fair? It is of course, not fair at all and thankfully planning permission exists to prevent this type of thing from happening. 

Protection of Natural Environment 

In recent years we have seen a hug number of local laws brought in which are seeking to completely change the way in which we develop land. The reason behind this is to better protect and conserve the natural environment and to ensure that we do not erode valuable eco-systems which have grown over the years. There are a great number of regulations which are in place in order to protect both flora and fauna. 

Protect Workers

Very often there are planning permission applications which are denied on the grounds that the plans present dangers to the workers themselves. This is often the case when it comes to the use of hazardous materials. Ultimately building regulations are in place to help workers and to make sure that those on the construction site are fully protected. 

Protection of Culture and Heritage 

You may have heard before that getting planning permission on a listed building is very tough and that is because there are laws in place which prevent people from changing listed buildings. This is often enforced in order to protect the certain look or feel of a location and to respect the character of the buildings and the heritage which exists. If you have a building which is of this kind then you would always have to check first to see exactly what you are able to do with it in terms of any modernizing or updating. 

These are the key reasons why planning permission is necessary and although it can be frustrating, the benefits far outweighs the problems.