There are many reasons you may need a Digital PR firm and one such reason is reputation management  whether you are a doctor protecting their practice or a job hunter searching for a job. In the current climate protecting your reputation is essential. If things go too far and the negativity becomes too much for you to fight alone then you may want to seek assistance from a reputation management company.

There are many ways that people can look to attack your reputation on line and many reasons why they may want to do so. A lot of them are unjustified and they could be a scorned lover wanting to make things harder for you and your business. It could be family members or friends who are very jealous of your success. It could be employees who you have had to let go. The words they are saying could be completely unjustified but they could be more than enough to put off any new clients, who will have to trust what they read as they would consider this as research. Unfortunately the internet is mostly unpoliced, you could ask the perpetrator to remove the offending articles, if you know who they are but they do not have to do so. You could take them to court but this is a very lengthy and costly process and still might not prevent them smearing your good name in the future.

So what do Digital PR Firms companies do? Well they help build, repair and monitor your reputation. Either before or after it has been damaged. Search engine optimization is a massive part of what they do and this involves getting all of your positive press to the forefront of an internet search and pushing the offending articles into oblivion. Digital PR Firms   have lots of tricks up their sleeves in order to do this. They consistently and closely monitor any changes in SEO trends. The good Digital PR Firms will only use white hat SEO methods which are the methods that are above board. They will use these in order to get your company the maximum positive visibility.

How are you going to choose when there are so many to choose from? Good qualities to look for in a Digital PR Firms is are they experienced in the field that you work in? Do they get good testimonials from companies who have used them if you are unsure call one of the companies that they use. Check out their social media presence, I would be suspicious if they didn’t have one. Check out their website and see how close to the front page of google it is. I believe that a good Digital PR Firm should be coming up on the first page of a google search. I would also be looking for how many years’ experience they have, but due to the nature of technology this isn’t always the best guide those would use black hat techniques to try and fool the google bots. Those who use things such as keyword stuffing and link spamming – check out some of their articles and you will soon see if they are good guys.