Daniel DeKoter is a highly experienced attorney and businessman that fully understands how difficult it is for someone that is fresh out of law school to find clients. Not everyone can start a law firm and even then it can be really tough to find clients because of the huge reputation between attorneys. If you want to drastically increase the possibility of actually getting clients, here are Daniel DeKoter’s recommendations.

Family And Friends

Some of the very best referrals you can have come from family and friends. Whether you live in Iowa or other US state, the first people to talk with are family members and close friends. They are going to trust you and all you usually have to do is just talk with them. Even if they do not need your services, they might recommend you to some of their friends. In the event you open a new law firm, the very first thing you should do is send an email to all the people you know.

Join The Bar Association

When you do not have connections, what you should consider is joining the bar associations of committees that service your community. This helps to build professional relationships and make connections with attorneys. You become better known and can find partners with whom you could exchange clients in the future. When a new connection has the client that cannot be helped, he may be referred to you. As an exchange, in the event, you get some clients that you cannot service, referring to someone that referred clients to you would be possible.

Build A Strong Online Presence

Websites and social media are two wonderful places you want to consider using as you look for clients. You want to start with building a highly professional website. This will allow you to properly showcase past cases and let the visitors know exactly how your services can help.

Make sure that you choose a domain name that is as close to your name as possible since this is what people are going to look for. Then, seriously consider starting a blogging section that would be informative.

After the website is complete you need to start sharing content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Having presentation pages on these networks is incredibly important since it gives you access to a direct connection with people that actually need the legal services you offer.


There are various online advertising methods that can be used by a lawyer, with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords being the two that are the most common. AS you set up a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign you can have the law firm positioned right in front of those actually looking for legal counsel. Obviously, in this case the visitors would be taken to the website so whenever you want to advertise, it is important that your site is properly set up first. If necessary, consult a specialist that would be able to build pages that properly convert as people come from ads.