Women have made fantastic stress in the workplace period however comma in leadership roles, they remain underrepresented. Crystal Clanton believes it is time that this changes, which is why she has developed 9 tips and methods to enable women to gain more experience in leadership, regardless of what’s the current role in life is.

Crystal Clanton’s 9 Key Women Leadership Tips

  1.  Women should volunteer. There are always non-profit organisation in need of volunteers. Women can serve on these organizations’ boards, become involved in churches, community agencies, schools and so on. A woman who is already employed could take on volunteer positions through their employer or look at their alumni association.
  2.  Women should blog. Blogging is an opportunity for women to talk about whatever they like to talk about and whatever they know about. Perhaps they have  overcome a great adversity, have learnt about a specific topic, have an interesting hobby, have some specific things that makes him angry, and so on. There will always be people who are interested in the same thing and who will love to read about this, immediately seeing a leader in the person who is writing.
  3.  Women should not be afraid to apply for jobs period if they want to take on the position of leadership comma they will have to put there resume forward for that position. There is nothing ventured nothing gained. Unfortunately, in some cases, women simply hold themselves back.
  4.  Women should chair a committee. There are numerous committees at work, at schools comma in church, and all through the community. Chairing a committee is a fantastic way to develop leadership skills and to mobilize others into achieving objectives. That is a key leadership quality.
  5.  Women should try to become a mentor. Again, everybody is good at something and there will always be someone who wants to learn about that. Women should put themselves forward for mentoring opportunities, whether that is in the workplace or in their own social circle.
  6.  Women should find a mentor. If there’s one thing that almost all women are good at it is admitting that I don’t know it all. Finding a mentor it means learning more about the things you need to know about.
  7.  Women should properly prepare period whether it is through reading books or actually going to university, they must prepare themselves to take on the leadership position that they know they will hold sooner or later.
  8.  Women should have confidence in themselves. Women hold up half the world and it is about time that the other half understands that this means they can lead as well. Having confidence in their own skills is something that will really propel women forward in the workplace.
  9. Women should look for and find opportunities. They exist in all walks of life and women are exceptionally good at thinking outside the box and should be able to see leadership opportunities where others miss them.