Whether you are looking to take advantage of a fully furnished corporate apartment for yourself or you are a business looking to provide housing solutions for a member of your team, making the right selection from the range of corporate housing companies is going to be essential. The companies which provide cooperate housing will be responsible for the management of the property and they will also need to be on hand for anything which the resident requires during their time there. For these reasons it is essential that you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the provider, and here are some key areas to consider when you come to making that choice. 


It may sound as though it should go without saying but ensuring professionalism from the corporate housing provider is going to be a very important factor in making your decision. We all know that their business is about making money and for that they need to make bookings, with this being said, that should not be more important than getting you the booking that you want, and they should be professional enough to put their interests aside for yours. 

Budgeting Options 

Whilst there will always be some companies who aim at various price ranges, luxury for example, in the main a corporate housing provider should cater to all budgets and make sure that they have options for all types of potential residents. These companies are in direct competition with hotels and so they should be able to provide similar pricing and a real reason why their housing options are better than a hotel. 


A provider should also have flexibility when it comes to their terms, as each resident is different. This may be that they allow pets in or that they have slightly different rules about coming and going, or perhaps even parking. What you should be looking for here is a provider who understands just how different everyone is, and one who recognizes the need for flexibility when it comes to their terms and conditions. 


Much like a real estate agent, it is going to be important that a corporate housing company is familiar with the area in which they are renting. When someone stays in a property for corporate reasons they do not want to be in the middle of an area which offers nothing by way of shops, bars or restaurants, and they will also want to know that there are transport links around the area, as well as an easy route to the office. We should always expect that the housing provider already has this knowledge on hand, which will of course also help them to find the right property for the resident. 

Holding the corporate housing company to a high standard is something that both residents and businesses should be doing as this will ensure that not only will we secure a great property, we can be safe in the knowledge that it is also well cared for.