TV show

Each time a baby is born, as we stare at it’s pure perfect beauty, the surge of love and protection flows out of us, in a deep fear for the future of that tiny being. 

There are other futures too, that we think about and affect us, a great deal of time is placed in worrying about our own future. 

That’s what makes continuum so good.

We seem to be at a crux time in history where we are going to either help destroy or protect the planet and the effect we as humans have on it. 

The TV series continuum plays out many possible outcomes. Starting in 2077, we have become a police state world, controlled by the corporate congress, where governments as we know them, no longer exist. Technology is so advanced that there is no privacy left in the world. But there are still classes of people, there is still crime. A group of terrorists known as liber8 who have killed thousands of people who were basically chipped, controlled robot slaves. Are finally all caught and sentenced to death. They were the last of the left wing freedom fighters, most people trust the system they are in, because it is what they know. 

At the execution, a City Protective Service (Police) officer, Keira Cameron is in the room with them guarding them and as they are sentenced to death. 

Instead they are sent back to our time 2012, Keira unwillingly accompanying them to change the future.


Continuum: A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, but the extremes are quite distinct.

Left Verse Right

The following four seasons delve into each side of the argument, the extreme left and extreme right, and show all the faults of both. It must’ve been quite a challenge to write something that shows how fanaticaal behaviour in any way causes destruction. That there is no ‘one right way’ to think, but that aspects of each are needing to be assessed, balanced, constantly rewritten, that selfish behaviours and subversive behaviours such as the character Kellogg will always be there, but need to be controlled or they will take over and affect the world. That many fight with the idea of a greater good against an enemy that they have designed for themselves and may not even exist, or may not be an enemy at all. The Series delves into many aspects of the human psyche, our drive, our dreams, our need to control, and our obligatory nature.

Taking us through the story of two young step-brothers, one a reclusive technological genius, the other a leftist freedom fighter, and the influence that both have on the future. They are both helping the groups that have come back from the future, but they don’t know it. It is brilliantly played out. Each television episode starts with a snapshot of the future, where you get a glimpse into the past of each major character and learn to understand why they have become who they are, and why they make the decisions that they do. 

The concept of time travel is well thought out and used, believable in its portrayal.

Most of the story centres around Keira and Detective Fonnegra, in 2012, as she joins with the police from the past to destroy liber8, who’s schemes are trying to expose the dangers of corporate power and abuse of the masses in our time. When corporations started to develop enough strength through power and money to disband governments and control the future. This is where both sides are shown to have many faults.

Altering my opinion

When I started watching Continuum, I was much more leftist in my attitude. By the time I’d finished watching it and the very surprising, heart wrenching finale with Keira, I was changed, though I didn’t agree with many aspects throughout the telling, especially the episode when Keira tries to kill Theseus, the ending could not have tied up every aspect better. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking watch.