Considerations to Make When Looking For The Best EDI Provider

There is absolutely no doubt at all that any business which is working within the supply chain should be making the most of EDI technology to reap the benefits which it is able to offer. From cost savings to increased productivity in the workplace, minimizing waste, reducing lead times and increasing B2B relations, EDI is the all-powerful force which should drive the company. The issue which many have when it comes to implementing EDI in the business, is how they can find the very best EDI provider for their needs.

If your company finds itself in this position then here are just some of the important considerations which you should be making.

Who Are You?

EDI providers aren’t Jacks of all trades and you will find that some have certain specialities when it comes to their clients. For this reason it is important to first consider whether you are a suppler, a distributor or a retailer, or a company which does a little bit of all three. This is the first step in helping you to find the very best provider for you.

What Are Your Needs?

Next up it is important to think about exactly what your needs are with regards to your provider, what exactly do you need from them? Is your company looking to grow and use EDI to branch out further? Are you looking for a package which will take much of the hard work off your hands? Or are you simply looking to add EDI to the business in order to work with individual clients in a better way? All of these are relevant questions which you should be asking yourself before you start to search for the very best provider for you.

How Much Knowledge Do You Have?

It is imperative to consider what level of knowledge and expertise you currently have in the business. Ultimately any provider will need to deliver training on-site and you will have to dedicate a certain number of members of your time to upskill. If you are not a tech-orientated business then you may find that you need a provider which really offers a full service package and which will be on hand at all times so that you can continue to work with the new software in a successful way.

Who Do You Know?

The large majority of EDI providers work with friends, colleagues or partners of an existing client. This is why you should get to thinking about who you know that could provide you with references on this particular subject. You may very well speak with a multitude of EDI providers before you get to the right one, whereas a partner or an associate could point you in the right direction of a great provider, ensuring that you don’t have to waste any more time.

Consider these points before you kick off your search to find the very best EDI provider for your business.