With the power of emotional support and acquiring the right “tools”, it is possible to overcome the struggle that addiction is. Individuals who suffer from a substance use disorder cannot simply quit consuming harmful substances, like alcohol and drugs. The process needed to recover is tumultuous and demanding, but it is of the utmost importance to mention that it isn’t impossible. With determination and professional help, this can be accomplished.

In many cases, people who suffer from substance abuse have the distorted perception that they can quit whenever they want and that there is no reason for worrying. Even though realizing and acknowledging you need to seek professional help is a difficult task, it is the first step towards combating substance abuse.

In order to break an addiction and overcome this disease, it is crucial you are in the right mindset to stay on the path to recovery. SUD, or substance use disorder, cannot be entirely and completely be cured, but there is a way of achieving a balanced and healthy life

The foundation for overcoming an addiction follows three key aspects:

Acknowledging your substance use disorder

As mentioned above, the first step, and most difficult, is acknowledging that you have an addiction. There is no myth around the fact that, in order to overcome an issue, it is crucial you recognize its presence so that you can move to the following step towards healing. 

When it comes to individuals suffering from SUD, it isn’t uncommon that they initially think there is no addiction and develop self-deception. For this reason, it is difficult for one to acknowledge their problem with addiction. Once this happens, they are one step closer to recovery.

Being determined to maintain sobriety

Once you have realized and decided it is time to change and follow the necessary steps to get professional treatment, it is only the beginning of a lengthy journey. Fortunately, specialized personnel and centers, have the common goal and the essential tools to help patients replace their negative habits and behaviors with positive ones. 

Being determined and staying this way can be a challenge. With the right help and in the right place, you can learn how to maintain your determination to achieve sobriety. What’s more, it is equally important you remain committed to your process or recovery, however long it might be. Throughout this phase, it isn’t uncommon to feel exhausted and want to take a break. However, in the case of substance abuse, this is risky, so it is crucial your commitment is strong. 

Develop patience and kindness to yourself

The treatment and recovery for individuals who suffer from substance use disorder can take years. It is understandable to start developing feelings of discouragement and wanting to give up when you see how long and challenging this process is. For this reason, it is crucial for patients to learn to be patient and kind with themselves. An effective method of achieving this is by attending therapy, such as rational emotive behavior therapy.