There are countless aspiring political leaders all around the world but few of them manage to live up to the modern leadership ideals that are highlighted by people as being really important. The truth is that most political leaders actually lack many vital leadership qualities, like accountability and integrity. It should be no surprise to see leaders like Cielo Gonzalez Villa shine as she does know what it takes to be a good political leader. According to her, history teaches us what did not work in the past and the present shows us what is important for voters.

Cielo Gonzalez Villa highlights that political leaders are incredibly important for modern societies. People need to feel represented by who they vote for. Unfortunately, this rarely actually happens. Also, in politics, the qualities we normally associated with leaders do not all apply. There is a huge difference between what is needed to be successful as a leader in a business and as a leader in politics.

So, What Makes A Really Good Leader In Politics?

What is ironic is that people that are wonderful political leaders often do not even want to be involved in politics. They do not want power and already have authority in their respective industries. With this in mind, the really good political leaders do share some things in common:

  • They are always showing loyalty and integrity when referring to the voters that are represented, other leaders in politics and the general public.
  • They are really good at communication and have strong inter-personal skills. The best politicians can work with those that surround them, no matter what their opinions or political parties are, with the purpose of achieving what is considered to be the best for the population.
  • They can resist lures and temptations that always appear in politics.
  • They have a really strong character, one that displays charisma and conscience.
  • They are always listening to common people in order to faithfully represent them. This is important to determine what people really want.
  • They have courage and stand up for what they believe in. They also back what they say through actions as opposed to just saying what others want to hear.
  • They are always swilling to make the really difficult decisions, even if this makes them unpopular, all in order to move towards the greater good.

The political leader has to be effective. His leadership style needs to focus on building and coalitions. The ineffective political leader will lead to conflicts. He is usually just a hustler as he uses manipulation in order to follow his interests, usually personal interests. Motivation and inspiration have to be used in order to reach political goals. Coercion and negotiation might be necessary at times but the best political leaders always first use persuasion.

Last but not least, the best politicians out there are not afraid to take responsibility for their actions and for their words. Unfortunately, this is a clear lack for many modern politicians, as they always try to find someone to blame. It is always important to accept the responsibility for your own mistakes, admit political failures and even acknowledge personal contributions to the problems that appeared.