The first weekend trip that I took to New York in 2016 turned into something of a failure as I simply couldn’t move in the city because of the elections that were taking place. I should have realized earlier but it wasn’t until I arrived and saw the swathes of police and candidates whipping the town into a frenzy, that I realized it was going to be a tough weekend. The second time I left my estate at home and headed for the Big Apple, I did things a little differently and spoke to my buddy Christopher Halajian, to give me the low down on what to do during my time there. I stayed in between Southold and Matticuck, and this time there was no frenzy to avoid in order to see the city’s sights. If you are heading to the Big Apple for a weekend, firstly I’d recommend that you check to see what is going on, and then here are some tips on how to spend your time.

Tight Schedule

You need to understand that for the duration of your weekend, if you want to see a lot, you are going to have an itinerary that will be incredible tight, and that won’t leave much time for anything but moving to the next destination. A New York break is pretty intense, so you will have to be prepared for that.

Plenty of Money

When you spend a week or two in New York, you can easily wander the streets to get to your next place, but when you only have a couple of days, you will need to use the likes of Uber and taxis to ensure that you maximize your time. What this means is that you are going to need a little bit more money in order to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Food and drink is more expensive in New York than most places but on a hectic weekend it will be the transport which will likely sting the most.

Perfect Planning

Usually when I take a trip away I like to not plan very much, and just see where the wind takes me, this is not possible on a weekend to New York, at least not if you actually want to see anything. Make sure that you research what is going on, prioritize which sights you want to see, and do it all before you leave home.

Booking Ahead

As an addition to planning your trip, it is also highly recommended that you buy any tickets which you need, before you go. Doing this will save you huge amounts of time during your trip and you can get started with your trip as soon as you arrive. You can buy metro tickets and top them up with money, tickets for Broadway shows, attractions tickets like the Statue of Liberty and even tickets for museums. Get  your tickets bought ahead of time and you can save a great amount of time when you are in the city.