Everyone knows that celebrities and now everyone else seems to be having Botox and fillers to stay looking younger for longer.  Both can be combined and can have a considerable effect on the look of the face, making it look younger, fresher and more toned.  But which should you go for yourself, do you need Botox and Facial Fillers or both?

How to Choose Between Botox and Fillers

Well actually although of course the final choice is your own, you are best talking to your beauty consultant who would carry out the work for you to ask their advice.  You may expect them to select the most expensive option saying yes you need Botox and facial fillers, but usually they will just recommend whatever will give you the best results based on your face.

Botox and other toxin treatments such as Dysport do a different job to facial fillers.  Botox also doesn’t last as long as facial fillers so if you want retreatments in future you will find that your Botox treatment will be more frequent than for facial fillers anyway.

What is Botox?

Botox is a Botulinum toxin treatment and is FDA approved with ana excellent safety record.  It works by interfering with the communication between nerve cells and muscles, so that when you smile, laugh, or make other large facial expressions some of the muscles don’t contract, they are temporarily paralyzed, allowing that part of the face to relax and seem younger and fresher.  Over a time period as these muscles no longer contract the lines that had developed due to previous contraction of these muscles start to smooth out and disappear so permanent looking lines of your forehead, crows feet around the eyes and smile lines disappear.

Botox is injected in small amounts into the lines of the face which you want to disappear.  The results will be seen within a few days and should last up to around four months until retreatment is required.

What are Facial Fillers?

Facial fillers or dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which is a substance like silicone, and it occurs naturally in the body keeping skin hydrated.  These fillers are injected in a gel form under the skin to fill out hollows and lines.  They can treat several forms of aging that occurs on the face as the facial volume decreases with age such as thinning or downturned lips, hollows below the eyes, volume loss mid face, lip lines, and general lines wrinkles and creases.  The nose can also be filled as a form of non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Like Botox, facial fillers are injected at the sites which need filling, and a typical treatment takes between ten and thirty minutes to be completed and you should see immediate change in the shape of your face.  As the slight swelling from the injections goes down over the following days you will see a big improvement.  Facial filler treatments last around six months before you will need to be re-treated.