It was my wonderful friend and cruise ship captain Alexis Fecteau who first told me about how much fun a cruise ship vacation could be, and in truth I really wasn’t buying into it. I had this notion that cruise ships were just for octogenarians and that they cost incredible sums of money. Thankfully my good friend Alexis was able to allay my fears and I booked up for a short Mediterranean cruise, in the hope that I had been wrong with my preconceptions. As it turned out, I was completely wrong and I totally fell in love with this type of vacation, and here is why.

The People

There certainly were some older people on the cruise, but there were also young families, solo travelers, loved up couples and groups of friends, a real mixed bag of tourists all looking for a great time. I made some amazing friends on that first cruise and on each that I have been on since I have met some really fun people.

The Locations

I’d previously had reservations about the idea of hopping from place to place on a cruise. I am not someone that wants to stay in one place during my trips away, but nor do I like the idea of a couple of hours here and then a couple of hours there. I was really surprised however as we did hit plenty of locations but I never felt that I was rushed during my time there and there was more than enough time given to properly explore these places. To be honest there were a few spots which I didn’t enjoy so much, and so the restriction on time was more than welcome!

On Deck

The amenities and the things that there are do to on deck are absolutely incredible and if you have any fears of being bored then you really shouldn’t as there is plenty for everyone. If I am being honest, I reckon you could spend two weeks on board a cruise ship and not port anywhere and still have an amazing time. The ships have restaurants and bars, spas, swimming pools, jacuzzis, cinemas and theaters. In truth its amazing at just how much they are able to install on these ships.


I also love the surprises that you get when you are on a cruise ship and there is always something to catch your eye. The night sky on occasion is absolutely spectacular and given that there is no light pollution you get some of the starriest skies that you will ever have seen. Occasionally a school of dolphins or a whale may swim by the ship too, and you just never know what you will see next.

If you have had reservations about whether or not you should go on a cruise ship vacation then my advice would be to absolutely give it a try. I was genuinely surprised by how much I loved it and I can’t wait to go on the next one.