When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, work travel was utterly destroyed. Workers began to work remotely as businesses shut down, so Zoom calls quickly replaced in-person projects, meetings, and conferences. Now that economies are reopening and travel restrictions are easing, many businesses are considering resuming their business trips. Of course, traveling in the middle of a pandemic can understandably be a little intimidating. Fortunately, Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, recently shared in an article how traveling workers can make the travel experience safer going forward.


In the recently published article, Brian Ferdinand explains that one of the best decisions a work traveler can make during the current pandemic is to stay in a corporate housing unit versus a traditional hotel. A luxury apartment rental provides travelers with creature comforts and more space. As a result, social distancing is far easier in this type of accommodation compared with a hotel.

Of course, the ability to social distance isn’t the only perk that comes with receiving more living space in a corporate housing firm’s luxury apartment. With more space comes more room to store extra supplies and clothing. This is an invaluable value-add during a business trip, when you will likely be away from home for multiple weeks or months at a time. In addition, because your unit will come with extra room, you even have the flexibility of bringing your spouse or children with you during the trip—or at least a portion of the trip—without feeling the need to change accommodations due to feeling cramped.


According to Brian Ferdinand, some corporate housing providers, designate greeters for all of their rentals. These staff members are multilingual and have been trained to provide high-quality services tailored to their unique business travelers.

The benefit of having access to such greeters in the corporate housing setting is that if you have any concerns, questions, or issues, these experts can give you the insider knowledge you need to improve your travel experience. For instance, they can tell you about the most exciting eateries in town if you’ve got a hankering for Italian or Chinese. They can also point you to the best places to enjoy scenery outdoors if you need a place to relax and de-stress during your busy business trip. This personal service simply isn’t available in many hotels or in Airbnb properties, so all in all, you can’t go wrong with corporate housing if service is a priority for you.