The thought of starting your own business excites you, but you want to make sure that you set it up in the right place. A number of cities throughout the United States are certainly business friendly, but Denver is one of the top ones on the list. Brian Ferdinand, a business and travel expert, recently explained in an article why the Mile-High City is such an excellent place to start a business.


According to Brian Ferdinand, Denver is on the rise. In fact, this high-ranking city is on the heels of Los Angeles in terms of its popularity among both current and would-be entrepreneurs. The city’s central location geographically is situated in America’s West, which uniquely positions the metroplex as a premium hub for distribution between the West and East coasts.

The atmosphere of this Rocky Mountain city is widely recognized for being business friendly. As a result, the city has drawn world-class businesses in the industries of telecommunications, technology, and aerospace. Companies that flourish in these industries in Denver range from Northrop Grumman to Lockheed Martin and Boeing.


Another reason why Denver is popular among entrepreneurs is that it features a community that is extremely friendly toward startups. In fact, the startup community here rivals top-level technology startup cities such as San Francisco and Austin. Outside of technology, small businesses in Denver are thriving in the areas of mining, real estate, and computer systems.

Denver is also a popular place for starting a business because the city’s workforce is generally highly educated. Thus, when you begin to look for employees for your new venture, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding competent, confident, and enthusiastic workers. Workers in just about every industry are well known for being highly skilled and ready to thrive in this exciting city’s business sector.

Many entrepreneurs also choose Denver as their home simply because Denver offers an excellent quality of life. After all, they can’t work 24/7. In their downtime in Denver, those who are outdoor enthusiasts can easily take advantage of the city’s thrilling ski slopes as well as its biking and hiking trails.

Finally, Denver continues to attract attention for its supportive ecosystem. With this ecosystem, which is focused heavily on promoting diversity and work-life balance, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the business landscape in the city of Denver is expected to keep thriving in the months and years ahead.