Boris Blanche is Managing Director of IRU, the world road transport organisation

Well we have to start with the Orient Express, hopefully with no murder, and what better places to travel than from London to Venice. It is romantic and adventurous and somehow set in the midst of time. You will take in phenomenal scenery and its art deco style. The train journey is likely to include fresh lobster that is served before you enter Calais. This is how to do train journeys or, how about taking the Golden Eagle from Moscow to Vladivostok.

The Trans-Siberian Express really is something else; each room has an ensuite bathroom. Your journey will pass through eight time zones. The temperature will be kept perfect for you no matter what time of the year and considering your journey this will take a lot of heating in the winter months. You will have a resident pianist, an English-speaking doctor and the whole experience is luxury at its most opulent.

Why not pop over to Australia and travel on the Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide. You will see the vast expanse of Australia pass before you. The bright red of the bush will strike you over and over. You will be treated to traditional Australian fayre of Kangaroo and Barramundi fish. You can stop at Alice Springs and make your way to Ayres rock.

Next, how about the Scottish Highlands, a beautiful tranquil place where you can travel through the Scottish Countryside green mixed with patches of heather. Fall is the nicest time to see these when they are all flowered in purple. You can choose destinations from Edinburgh to take you far and wide throughout the Scottish Countryside, you can sample up to fifty different whiskeys; well how could you choose? And you can also get a sleeper berth; you may need to after the whisky.

The Canadian will take you from Toronto to Vancouver, linking two vibrant cities; there is an enormity of breath-taking scenery. Deluxe sleepers and fabulous meals are part of your package. You get an ensuite shower and a minibar in each room, with no extra charge for the alcohol.

Your last journey can take in the sites of Delhi to Mumbai on the Maharajas’ Express, quite often compared to the Orient Express this is a fairly new train compared to some of the other options. The idea is to try and replicate the days of the Raj where Maharajas would travel in opulent and extreme luxury. It is golden and ostentatious and the idea of splendor has definitely been recreated for you. Attention to detail has been paid regarding the drinks available, such as gin and tonic sundowners and also the activities, such as elephant rides, and the chance to mingle with the upper classes. The three-night ride does take you to another time and place and you really feel as if you are a Maharaja of old, living the high life.