Bharat Bhise HNA analyst and cybersecurity expert has been speaking with us recently about the world of cybersecurity and in particular what exactly a career in this industry looks like. If you have ever thought about doing this as a career then we have some great insights from Bharat as to what you can expect from this position, and what the benefits, disadvantages and challenges are of working within the world of cybersecurity. There is a bigger demand than ever before for high level security for our homes and our businesses and as we bring in more technology, the need for this security continues to grow. If you can see yourself in this type of career, here is what you can expect.

Constantly Learning

The difficulty that so many cybersecurity companies have is that they are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the hackers, and that means that those working within this industry must always keep learning. This is an ever-changing landscape which requires those working within it to stay alert and to seek new ways and means to create software that will maintain the very highest levels of security.

Cutting Edge

Those working within cybersecurity will be working with cutting edge technology, and the very best minds in the business. Because of the need for cybersecurity and the high level which it needs to deliver at, cyber security experts will work with the latest advancements in technology such as cryptography, coding, systems and equipment.


Because of the nature of this industry people who work in this career will be dealing with highly sensitive information and confidential data. Naturally the work of these companies cannot be discovered by those outside it, and that is why secrets are incredibly important in order for the software to be successful.


Working in cyber security will give you full information and access to the threats that are being posed to businesses, individuals and even to governments. This can be a career which will bring home the intentions and the capabilities which many criminals have, which can be unsettling.


 For anyone who has an interest in security this is a very rewarding career which will give you the peace of mind that the work that you are doing is of great importance and that you are helping to keep people safe. Financially it can be a rewarding career as well, with average salaries way above the national average.


This is a very safe place to work in and because cybersecurity is becoming more important as each year passes, it is a job for life if you want it. There is a lot of job security in this career which is an attractive possibility to so many who have an interest in cyber crime and cybersecurity.

If you love computing and you have an interest maintaining safety for people and businesses then this is the ideal career for you.