If you run a business and you aren’t conscious of how strong your cybersecurity is then this is something which you really must address in order to safeguard your business. We were speaking with cybersecurity expert Bharat Bhise HNA last week at a tech convention and something which we spoke heavily about was the lack of knowledge which business owners, especially small business owners, have in terms of what a cyberattack could mean for their company. If you aren’t very conscious of what your cybersecurity is, or how these attacks can happen and what they can cause, here are just a handful of consequences which you can expect if a cyberattack does happen.

Stolen Details

The most dangerous type of attack which cud happen is one where the attacker decides to steal details which you have on your systems. These could be anything from employee details to a customer’s private information, either of which in the wrong hands can be very dangerous indeed. If you have systems which are storing data such as client and employee information then you could certainly be at risk and it will be important that you lock down your systems.


Hackers can also attack your company’s systems and damage the software or even the hardware which you have, resulting in huge costs to fix such issues. The last thing that any business needs is to have to shell out in order to repair something like this, especially when it could have been so easily avoided in the first instance with some small investment into cybersecurity.


If your customer’s details are stolen from underneath your nose because you didn’t put sufficient security in place then you are going to lose the trust of all of your customers. This will have a significantly lasting effect on your business and it is of course something which you need to avoid at all costs. A loss of trust with your clients can never be bought back and once that information is out there, many potential customers will not wish to do business with you as they will see you as a risk.

Lost Time

If your systems are breached then you will have to fix any damage which has been done and ensure that this doesn’t happen again. The upshot of this is that you could face days without computer system and this disruption will directly impact your ability to continue your operations. How long could your business survive without a solid IT infrastructure? In most cases the answer is not very long and during this time you will be not only losing time but also money by way of sales, and through paying employees when they cannot complete their jobs.

These are very real threats which you need to bear in mind and if you look at the potential consequences then you can see just how important cybersecurity is.