Javier Burillo - Best Tex Mex Dishes

There are some Mexicans who get slightly irked when they hear people talking their cuisine and mentioning meals which are in fact considered as Tex-Mex. With this being said however it is important to remember that these meals are in fact Mexican, yet they are a take on cuisine which has been heavily inspired by the American market. Once upon a time Texas was in fact a part of Mexico, and that is why there are so many food choices which have the inspiration of both nations.

The reality is that much of this food is delicious and can certainly be put in the category of comfort food. Here are some of the best dishes from this particular range of plates.

Chili Loaded Nachos

Chili con carne may be considered as Mexican because of the fact that it is written in Spanish, but this is far from a Mexican dish. This Tex-Mex classic is best enjoyed when layered on top of some delicious nachos. Warm tortilla chips laid out and loaded up with plenty of Monterrey Jack cheese, dressed with guac, sour cream, jalapeños and even more cheese and then coated in chili con carne. This is a great sharing dish and one that is certainly comforting.

Sizzling Fajitas

Fajitas are absolutely delicious and even Mexicans who reject claims that it is from their country adore this dish. Usually the fajitas are served whilst they are still sizzling and this is also a great sharing dish, or one which can be enjoyed on its own. Fajitas are usually made using chicken strips, plenty of peppers and onions. The ingredients are coated in a smokey chili rub and then friend at a very high heat. The fajitas are best enjoyed in a soft flour tortilla, dressed with plenty of cheese, sour cream and some guac.


Enchiladas are served throughout Mexico but the Tex-Mex variety is very different from what you will find in the restaurants around the city. My good friend Javier Burillo, a Mexican native, has actually told me that he enjoys this version more. The main difference is the volume of cheese and sauce which is layered on top of these gooey delights. At the base is a number of flour tortillas which are filled with cheese, meat and onions. These are collectively placed in the oven with oceans of tomato sauce and with plenty of cheese added too.

Potato Salad

A Tex-Mex potato salad is made using plenty of fresh potatoes which are mixed with sweetcorn, avocado and green beans. The salad is then given a real boost using fresh lime juice and some spicy oil. This is a classic side order when you are eating Tex-Mex cuisine and it is both refreshing and delicious. Mexico is certainly not known for its salads, which is what sets this particular option apart from the rest of the cuisine from the country.

Which will you be dipping into first?