Smartphone Cameras

Choosing the best smartphone camera is no easy task. There are plenty of phones to choose from, and many factors that come into play. It almost always comes down to the user’s preference, because the best available cameras on the market are all great. Depending on your choice, you might prefer a phone with longer battery life if you plan on staying outdoors for extended photoshoots, or if you’re going to be looking at your photos on your phone you’ll want a great OLED display. Whatever your choice is, there’s a wide array of smartphone to choose from.

Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL

Both Pixel phones have excellent cameras. Identical in performance, their greatest boon is the optical image stabilization. Their rear cameras are 12.2MP and front ones are 8MP, but have amazing software processing, meaning that when you take a picture, you’ll see it improve in front of your eyes as the phone stitches together multiple images.

The camera software can be a bit laggy, but the larger screen an extended battery life will attract those wanting a more premium experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of the very best cameras from this year, the Note 8’s dual sensors are really impressive and powerful. Incredibly fast and easy to use, every photo is taken quickly, and every snap is crisp and vivid, even those taken in low light.

Also a premium, and expensive, experience, the Note 8’s extended battery life is great for longer photoshoots taking place in the outdoors.

Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus

Both Galaxy S8 phones are not some of the best phones available on the market right now, but have excellent cameras that are easy to use, and allow for some astounding photography. The downside is that they’re single sensor only, meaning that portrait mode isn’t easily achieved, but other than that, everything else works perfectly. The regular version fits nicely in the hand, and is really comfortable to use, but the Plus version packs a better screen and has longer battery life.

Both phones are amazing for photography, both for casual and more professional use, and have a huge amount of settings so that you can fine tune your experience.

iPhone X

So far, this is best iPhone for photography. Both cameras on the front and the rear are great, and have their own strengths. The rear double sensor allows for some stunning photos both in low light and bright environments, and are able to capture colors much more realistically than previous iPhones. The front TrueDepth camera is also very capable, allowing for some great selfies with blurred photos, even without a second sensor.

In combination with the OLED screen, and fast and responsive image software, it’s never felt better to use an iPhone for photography

Honorable Mentions:

  • LG V30
  • Huawei P10 Plus
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • HTC U11

With steady advancements in smartphone photography technology, there’s a plethora of phones to choose from that can take amazing photos, and that are easy to use. Depending on what you prefer, you can easily find a phone that will satisfy your needs, because most premium phones have some great user experience.