When I was searching for a college to learn about acupuncture and oriental medicine it was clear after just a small amount of research which one was the best. That is the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and it has the bets reputation here in the US. I embarked on a 1 year Masters degree and I have to say that it was one of the best experiences of my life. There are numerous benefits which you can expect when you study here, which I wanted to delve into today.

College and Courses

The college is situated in Houston, Texas and there are 4 post grad options which you’ll have to choose from:

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

This comprehensive course will take place across 4 years and it will earn you the title of fully licensed acupuncturist. During this course you’ll learn all about biomedical science as well as traditional topics such as tai chi, qi-gong and tui-na, along with the very interesting herbology.

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

This course goes even deeper into Oriental medicine rather than just focusing on Chinese traditions and techniques. Here you’ll learn more about medicine on the whole plus branches such as gynecology.

  • Master of Integrative Wellness Management

Rather than leadership this course instead focuses on the administration side of healthcare, preparing you for admin roles within this field.

Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership

This program focuses on leadership roles within healthcare settings and it is carried out across a one year course at Masters level, helping you to develop the leadership qualities which you will need for a career in healthcare.


Here are the benefits of studying these courses at this fantastic college:

Personal Health – The knowledge which you’ll learn here will have a huge impact on your personal health and you will start to change your lifestyle when you study here.

Career – These courses are not for people who just want to learn a little about Oriental medicine, they are aimed specifically at those who wish to embark upon a career in healthcare hence the focus on administration and management.

Practice – The on-site clinic gives you the perfect chance to practice what you are being taught on real patients.

Professors – There is a wide range of specialities amongst the professors and the college prides itself on employing the very best in the industry, something which becomes very clear when you start to study.

Depth – Something which I found very positive was the depth to which they go into when they are teaching each aspect of the syllabus, much like the principles of Oriental medicine, there is time and attention given to each aspect of the course, leaving no stone unturned.

If you are considering studying Oriental medicine or acupuncture then this is the best place for you to go and do it, you won’t regret it for a second.