Battling the addiction epidemic - Hollywood Hills Recovery helps patients find the best treatment

The events from the last months have led to an increase in the demand for mental health treatment from specialized centers like Hollywood Hills Recovery in the USA. Still, depression and anxiety aren’t the only conditions people are seeking treatment for. Experts state that misuse of addictive stimulants is also on the rise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study in June 2020 revealing that 13% of Americans reported starting or using higher amounts of substances to deal with the stress associated with the pandemic. The number of overdoses also grew during the last few months, a reporting system showing that the number of overdoses spiked by 18% in 2020, compared with 2019. Hollywood Hills Recovery is here to support the people struggling with substance abuse. 

Hollywood Hills Recovery was created with the purpose of offering people a second chance and help them create their own path. It’s crucial for those who struggle with substance abuse to benefit from support if they want to save their lives and stop substance abuse from defining them. The experts from this premier substance abuse treatment and recovery center know that the patients dealing with this mental health condition need all the help they can get to recover. They create customized programs based on camaraderie, acceptance, and support to empower their patients to battle their health issues and start a new life. 

How can the experts from Hollywood Hills Recovery help in the battle with the addiction epidemic? 

The Hollywood Hills Recovery center worked to fight the addiction epidemic before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and continued as its effects became clear. They know that the effects of the coronavirus have seen renewed addiction concerns around the USA and are determined to work to address these needs. As a top addiction recovery treatment center, Hollywood Hills Recovery adopted a therapy model that includes a complex range of treatments. The patients can choose from multiple kinds of detox programs, therapy, and aftercare programs. 

Hollywood Hills Recovery assists the patients during the entire process offering a three-step treatment. 

The inpatient detox treatment provides the patients with continuous care. They can engage in medically monitored detox programs, holistic detox programs, or long-term detox programs, according to the severity of their condition. Hollywood Hills Recovery’s inpatient detox treatment options are varied but have the same purpose: assisting the patients during the withdrawal process and lowering the pain and discomfort associated with it. 

The residential intensive treatment differs from a patient to another, according to the triggers that caused their addiction. The experts from Hollywood Hills Recovery will decide together with the patient if they should benefit from traditional counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis therapy, holistic treatment solutions, or group therapy. Sometimes they even combine two or more of these options to provide the patient with the best outcome. 

The aftercare treatment assists the patients in the early stages of recovery when they need guidance and support to stay clean. Hollywood Hills Recovery has a complex list of aftercare solutions like sober living resources, additional outpatient counseling, 12 step programs, and rehab alumni programs and events. 

Battling the addiction epidemic isn’t easy, even for the pros, but Hollywood Hills Recovery is here to help patients recover and support them on their journey.