Business man

This year we have seen a huge number of businesses which have taken to the internet to market themselves having avoided it previously. This of course happened because there was such an enormous audience online owing to the lockdown and it was the only way in which many businesses could continue to operate. To support many of these businesses we have seen marketing experts like Ayden Hector who has been releasing a number of videos to help businesses to cut through online with smart digital marketing strategies. In light of this, here are some ideas for how you could get started with your very own digital marketing campaign

Social Media Marketing 

The easiest and the most accessible way for businesses to begin with their marketing campaign is trough social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Both of these mediums will help you to gain access to the marketplace and even if you are not investing any money in your campaign you will be able to use this to connect with your customers and to market your products and services. 

Email Marketing 

Collecting email addresses is always something which is good practice because it gives you direct access to those customers who have bought from you before or even shown an interest. What you should then look to do is use email marketing as a means of keeping in touch with your customers and presenting them with the best offers and any information which you wish to share. Email marketing can form a great foundation for this type of campaign and it will also help you to reach those people who rely heavily on mobile. 

Promotional Marketing 

Thanks to coupon sites such as Groupon it has never been easier than it is now to spend some money on promotional marketing. The way that this works is that you focus on a single product which you are happy to take a small loss on in order to bring people into the business. Usually you can simply strip the profit off a product which will bring people into the business, and then once they are in you can focus on wowing them with both the quality of your products and the service that you are able to provide. 


Search engine optimization is a critically important aspect of all digital marketing campaigns and no matter whether this is something that you are outsourcing or it is something that you are doing on your own, it is highly recommended that you invest some time in learning about SEO. This is basically about getting your website to the top of the search rankings for a variety of keywords. The reason why this is important is that many consumers will not look beyond the first page of those search results, and if you are on page one you have a much better chance of bringing customers to your business. 

There is much to learn here but the more you know, the better a campaign you can design for your company.