Who doesn’t want to make money this New Year? In the previous years, you might have been complaining that there is not enough money to sustain you. Now, you have the opportunity to ensure that you earn that extra cash. If you are a lover of shopping, then this will work for you even better. Did you know that you can be getting money by spending it? You can now get your money back when you purchase what you want. Do not go shopping aimlessly, do your shopping to get cash. Some apps will help you get your money back whenever you buy your items. They reward you for shopping, thus motivating you to shop even more. The more you shop, the more money you get and the more rewards you get. You might be wondering if this can even be true. You do not need to go through all the hustle of looking for these apps. The following are some of the best cashback apps that will earn you that extra cash.

1.   Checkout 51 app

It is an app that is partnering with brands to allow their users cashback. The brands pay the checkout 51 app the cash gotten from redeeming offers. The app then makes it possible for its members to access the money whenever they request a cash-out payment. Mainly what the app does is advertise the brand’s items to their members trying to make them loyal customers to that item. The good thing about the app is that you can download it for free on your android and ios devices. Once you register, you will see the offers, which expire after twenty-four hours. For you to create a checkout 51 account, you must give details about your name, provide your email address and password. You also have the option of using your PC or your mobile phone. Once you are a member, you can search for the offers and make purchases from any online store. After you have finished purchasing your things that had offers, upload your receipts to checkout 51. The app will confirm your purchase then they will the offer amount would be deposited in your account. After accumulating your amount for some time, you can request a check through emailing to know how much you have. Once you reach $20, you can now cash out the money.

2.   GetUpside

GetUpside is a user-friendly app that ensures you get your money back every time you make a purchase. Even drivers can use this app and be beneficial to them. The app does not only have offers on items on the store but also on the gas you use for driving. It gives you up to 25 cent cashback on every gallon of gas you use. The good thing about the app is that it has formed a good partnership with big restaurants, groceries, gas companies, etc. to ensure you get your money back. The primary aim of the app is to attract more customers for the businesses it has partnered with by giving customers reasonable offers. Once you register with the app for free, you can start looking for cashback offers from your groceries, restaurant and gas stations. The app’s database will provide all the details for you. You will get to know the prices of different items and cashback offers for different stores and gas stations. It helps you to save time for looking at the best deal for purchase. Once you identify the item, you want to buy, purchase it using your credit card and then claim the offer. After that, you will have to upload your receipts, and after confirmation, your cashback will be deposited in your account. When uploading your receipt always make sure that it is clear and easy to read.

3.   Dosh

Dosh is an app that allows its users to get their money back whenever they make a purchase. If you are a lover of traveling, then this is the best app for you to earn the extra cash you need this year. You get cashback offers on purchases like local attractions, hotel bookings, and dining out. The first thing you need to do is to sign up by giving your name, email, and password. Once you finish the process, you have to link your credit cards or debit cards to the app. You might be worried about the safety of your credit cards. Well, it is safer than giving your credit card to a retailer for him to swipe. You do not need to worry because the app’s technology has the most robust security measures to ensure your credit cards are safe. Once you link your cards to the app, you can now start looking for cashback offers at different places. Once you get one that is good for you can purchase it and claim it. The app will deposit the amount in your account after confirming your purchase.

4.   Freebird app

Freebird is an app that gives you cashback offers when you take a ride. It is best for those people who like to take Ubers. The app partners with restaurants that are looking for ways that their customers would be taken to their doorstep. Therefore instead of using the Uber app to get a ride, use the Freebird app. When you reach the restaurant through the app, the restaurant will give you some cash, thus, getting some money back on your rides.

5.   Paribus app

It is an app that detects any price drop for you and ensures that you get a refund. Where it is eligible, the app will file a claim, but there is no guarantee that the store will approve the request. The app takes an average of three to seven days for a refund to take place. What the app does is that it goes through all your purchases, receiving sorting them and comparing them with online prices. It then notifies you if there is any price drop and the process of cashback begins.

You have no excuse for not having enough money to save. Try using the above cashback apps to earn that extra cash and save them.