As someone who was born and raised here in New England, Massachusetts, I have seen my fair share of animals deciding to take up residence in my home. The issue that I have always had however was that many of the animal control companies that I have used, have been very unprofessional and heavy handed in their approach. And so last year when we had a little raccoon in our basement, I wanted to make sure that we had the best team for the job. I checked online and the company with the highest stars on their reviews was Baystate Wildlife, so I decided to give them a call. If you also live in Massachusetts, I wanted to recommend this company to you for your pest control needs, and here is why.

 No Waiting

 I wasn’t necessarily in a rush to get rid of the raccoon but the first thing that hit me about this company was the speed that they attended me. I spoke with their receptionist at around 920 in the morning and by 1015 I had a knock at the door with two of their team waiting with a friendly smile. As if this wasn’t enough, they were able to check out the issue, give me a free quote – which I accepted – and the raccoon was gone by 4pm, excellent speed!

 Animal Lovers

 I know that we refer to bats, skunks, raccoons and the like as pests, but I only ever wanted the animal removed from the basement, and not hurt in the slightest. It was clear from the outset that the guys also cared deeply for the animals and they were able to remove the raccoon without being heavy handed, but instead with absolute care. Following the removal they placed a chemical which would ward off any future animals coming into the home, but they went to great lengths to show me that this was a non-harmful chemical, and more of a deterrent smell which the animals dislike.


 I am a real stickler for professionalism and I feel that it is something that is lacking in many companies, especially the animal control companies which I had used in the past. When it comes to Baystate Wildlife however, they had the perfect level of professionalism and this is why I would definitely recommend that you use them. This professionalism is clearly something that the company strives for and from the very first contact that I had with them to the end of the day when they solved the problem, all of the team members had excellent communication and were very professional in what they did.

 Not only did the team do a great job, they also were very reasonably priced and they managed tofu the problem in a single day, no wonder they get some many positive reviews online!