Ammcor is a firm believer in supporting the community. They believe that all companies should give something back and one of the groups of people very close to their hearts are the war veterans who have been left with physical and mental scars but little assistance. Ammcor reviews on social media will always highlight this.

In the aftermath of war, veterans are often overlocked when they need assistance, they are left with not only visible scars but also terrible memories of what they have been through, friends they have lost and so on. They sometimes have no home or no care package that they so need. They can have post-traumatic stress disorder and sometimes traumatic brain injuries. Ammcor HOA supports and fundraises for this cause through a charity called the American Humane Society who help through their shelter to service campaign. They help those not only in San Clemente but all over the US.

One of the ways that this scheme helps is by providing the veterans with a service dog to either help them mentally or practically, as a companion or as someone who can help them get around. This may only seem like a small step but showing some of these veterans that someone still cares about them is actually enough to get them back on their feet and believing in the world again. It is great for everyone including Ammcor HOA to see these people allowing themselves to become reintegrated into society and to go on and rebuild their lives.

As well as the charity for veterans Ammcor, an HOA, also like to support Children’s sports days or clothing drives. They believe that a core part of why they are successful and get great Ammcor reviews are because of this community spirit and giving back to San Clemente. These events can help people from the wider community and not those that just live in the Housing Association properties.

Ammcor HOA also supports the Rotary Club and all the various charities that they support throughout the year. Ammcor have furthered this by asking those in their housing associations what they would like to support, listening to what is happening around them and seeing where they can help. This brought to their attention that a child’s playground for those with special needs in San Clemente that needed some attention. Ammcor bought tiles and improved the playground for their needs. Ammcor HOA collected had a clothes drive where their homeowners brought anything that they no longer wanted, and these were donated to women who had had to flee their homes, often with their children, to escape violence in the home.

AMMCOR helps the community around them in several ways. Either through helping children and women, or by supporting sports programs and teams. AMMCOR is proud to give back to their community through their community assistance and support program. This ensures that Ammcor reviews are very positive and even those who don’t own homes with them will testify to what a great company they are.

This pride of Ammcor which is reiterated by its homeowners is another aspect that ensures its success as one of the great HOA’s in San Clemente again reflected in their ratings and online reviews.