Here in Florida I have a relatively small set of offices with less than 50 staff, working in the insurance sector. We rely heavily on computers every day for just about every operation for the business and for a long while we dealt with all of this in-house. Two years ago we lost our long serving technician as she retired, and started to think differently about how to deal with our IT solutions. We decided to outsource our network hardware to a company called Abaram Network Solutions, and as good a job as Sally did, it was clear that with our company growing, we needed a fuller service. If you are considering outsourcing your network hardware, here is why I would totally recommend that you do so.


If I am being honest much of the systems and hardware which we had in place were older than we’d have liked and once we outsourced and introduced better quality models and connections, the productivity of the office went through the roof. It is amazing how much you ignore the tiny details which slow down the productivity of a company, something which you don’t notice until something new comes along. Another reason that we have been able to increase productivity is because when an issue occurs on one of our computers or systems, the issue is resolved with speed, often remotely, which minimizes downtime and gets things up and running again.

Staff Happiness

Something I didn’t anticipate was the increase in happiness of the staff once we got the new systems in. They can now do the job that they come here for, without any silly connectivity issues or slow computers. This too has helped to increase productivity for the business.


One of the biggest reasons why I decided to outsource this aspect of the business was that I wanted to ensure that our systems at the best security possible. We store so much confidential information about both customers and staff on our systems and I never felt convinced that our previous systems would be able to help us in the event of a cyberattack. Not only are we now fully protected, but the company ensures that our security is constantly updated to make sure that there is never gaps or flaws in the software.

Energy Costs

 Another surprising feature of outsourcing this area of the business was the reduction in energy costs which we have been able to count on. Because our systems use new technology they have all kinds of features which reduce power usage, multiple that by 100 computers and you can imagine just how much the costs have fallen. We have commitment to being a green company and the reduction in power usage helps us to complete our promise, and save money each and every month.

I’d would certainly recommend that you outsource your network hardware, for the benefits which I’ve listed here plus many more.