Lindsey Manufacturing is a company that is renowned all around the country and even around the world because of the quality that it offers. We are looking at outstanding quality and numerous industry standards that were set in the past over 30 years. The exact same thing happens with the ERS (Emergency Restoration System) launched by Lindsey Manufacturing.

Lindsey’s ERS

ERS structures from Lindsey are built in order to easily and quickly bypass the permanent transmission towers in practically all terrains and at absolutely all voltages. The Emergency Restoration System can easily be built in just a few hours and is completely suitable for helicopter, crane and even hand installation.

What is interesting is that we are talking about a system that was designed for temporary use. However, we still see utilities that kept the towers erected by Lindsey in full service for over 10 years. This is in itself a statement made about the robust design that is offered.

Full Terrain Use

Lindsey ERS is different than other options because it can be installed practically anywhere. In fact, ERS from Lindsey was already used in all terrain types in numerous parts of the world. According to the Lindsey USA website, ERS structures now support Himalayas mountain-to-mountain regions, sand in the Middle East, estuaries in Southeast Asia and much more.

Practically, it does not matter what terrain is in place. The engineering team that comes to the area where emergency restorations of electricity are needed will determine the very best possible structure design. Then, a proper foundation is put in place and it is decided what installation methods and anchor types are going to be put in place. Lindsey ERS will not have any problems conquering any terrain type out there.

Why Lindsey ERS?

Whenever talking about anything technology the truth is damage cannot be planned. With electricity delivery, various problems can appear, like earthquakes, storms, willful acts, flooding, ice and soil erosion. The ERS structures from Lindsey are lightweight and are created to quickly put all lines back in full service. Everything is done with the purpose of making sure everything is properly replaced and rebuilt.

A system based on Lindsey ERS can be utilized to bypass the transmission lines around full substations or towers. They can easily be expanded, replaced, maintained and built.

The main reasons why Lindsey ERS is preferred over the alternatives are the following:

  • Versatility

All ERS structures by Lindsey are reusable and completely modular. You can use the components to quickly configure running angle, dead-end, herringbone, tangent and even chainette structures. You do not need to use special foundation, the structures can be used on all soils and would be usable for all voltages, DC or AC. Flexibility is higher than you would imagine.

  • Safety

Every Lindsey ERS is convenient and safe. Industry specialists acknowledge the compatibility with all the fall arrest systems commercially available now and the use of completely familiar gear is definitely a big plus. Confident climbing and support for four workers at once are now available. Permanent anchors are included for complete safety that appears during the construction phase.