Have someone special that you need to get a gift for, but lacking ideas?Whether it’s your brother, Dad, boyfriend, friend, or husband, men can be particularly hard to shop for.  Men don’t throw out the hints or ideas like women do.

You know they could use another button down but you want it to be a little more special than that. So we have gathered a list of ideas that surely one of them will fit what you are looking for such as concert tickets, cologne, and custom phone cases.

1. Tickets to Their Favorite Game

Sports tickets

This could be a good idea if you are looking for something to give that you can experience together.  Buy tickets to their favorite team’s game and then you will also be creating new memories together. This doesn’t have to be expensive either, there are a lot of apps out there that offer nice deals.  Even if it’s a nose bleeder, they will appreciate it and it will be fun to enjoy together!

2. Personalized Gift

Personalized gift

Speaking of sports, a custom phone case with their favorite sports player would be a great gift.  At GoCustomized, you can make your own phone case in less than five minutes.  Choose the style and color, upload an image, and add some texts and you are finished! You can also make your own custom phone cases at Yourcustomphonecase.com.

3. Cologne


You might have thought of this one, but this is your chance to choose the scent you like! You are the one smelling it all of the time, you should have a little say in it. Choose your favorite scent, and you both will be reminded of this gift everyday!

4. A Gift Certificate for a Massage

Men never take the time themselves with something like this.  Reward them from all of their hard work and allow them to relax.  You can also find great groupons online for massages all over the place so keep an eye out for that!

5. Workout Clothes

Workout gear

If this guys likes to workout, you can never go wrong with some new workout clothes.  Whether you go to LuluLemon or Marshalls, they can never have too many workout clothes.  A new pair of shorts, workout top, or score big with some new Nike shoes.

6. Tools


Men love new fancy tools.  You would think they have everything they need, but they will always appreciate a new tool.  You might have no idea what these things are for, but they will find a way to use it. You can luck out from this too, having your own personal handy man around the house.

7. Concert Tickets


Surprise this lucky guy with tickets to their favorite concert ticket! Another event you guys can go together and create more memories.  These tend to be more meaningful than a tangible gift so don’t think it doesn’t count! You could even make a trip out of it and go to a new city to see your favorite band perform!

In the end, if you put some effort into it they will appreciate the gift.  Start by thinking of things their interests and go from there. What are their hobbies?  What are your favorite memories together? After some brainstorming you’ll for sure be able to come up with something. If not steal one of our ideas like the sports game or a custom phone case!”