Are you having a hard time figuring out where to go for your summer holiday this year? Do you want to go somewhere different to usual? Here are 6 trendy holiday destinations for your 2018 summer holiday!


Austria is a fabulous place to visit in the summer and if you head to the Innsbruck in the Alps you can probably go skiing as their season opens earlier than anywhere else. If you enjoy golf, then a golf holiday in Austria will be perfect for you. If you want to explore, you can also rent a car, motorbike or take a bus ride on the amazing Grossglockner Road that is filled with stunning scenery like glacial fed lakes and alpine valleys. Be sure to explore the exciting capital city of Vienna where Mozart, Strauss, and Freud once lived.


Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and it is a fabulous and inexpensive place to go for a holiday. Be sure to explore the highlights of the area like St Olaf’s Church, Dominican St. Catherine’s Monastery Claustrum, and Kiek in de Kök Museum and Bastion Tunnels.


Bhutan is in the Himalayas and it is a beautiful country that is filled with stunning views of nature. If you are interested in trekking than you it will take you 12 days to do the Jomolhari trip. The trail has breathtaking views, exquisite flora and fauna, and there are several fortresses and ancient Buddhist monasteries that you will go past.

There are several festivals that take place in during the summer months like the “Annual Mushroom Festival” so be sure you research the festivals before you arrive. Visit the stunning Phobjikha Valley that is known for its pristine wilderness and clear blue rivers. You can also take a balloon ride over the valley when the black cranes are not in residence.


Norway is a beautiful country and it is a great place to explore by cruise ship. You can explore the stunning fjords along the coastline and explore the rich history of the country with trips ashore. Be sure to visit the fabulous Viking paths and see the largest Viking longhouse known in existence.


Cuba is a trendy holiday destination that everyone is talking about. It is a great mix of adventure tourism, unique history, and eco tourism. The capital city of Havana is known for its great architecture, vibrant colours, and its 50’s vehicles that you can rent to explore the area.

Head to Varadero to relax on sunny beaches and stay at beachfront resorts where you can indulge in scuba diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or just relax on the beach. Spend some time in Viñales Valley where you can go trekking, camping, visit tobacco farms and even try working on a tobacco farm. You can join guided tours or hire your own guides.

Seville, Spain

Seville is located in the Andalusia region of southern Spain. The Alcázar of Seville was constructed in the 1300’s and it is a stunning palace and garden that you must visit. Be sure to go to Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, a bull ring with 12 thousand seats that was built more than 200 years ago.