Rv Rental

A luxury RV is one of the more versatile modes of transportation around – especially in today’s world where public transportation and accommodations aren’t the best idea. Are you familiar with all of the different options?

What is a Luxury RV?

If your vision of an RV is Cousin Eddie’s motorhome in the movie Christmas Vacation, you’re slightly misguided. Many of today’s RVs are actually much nicer than the average home! Sure, they might be small, but every square inch is designed with quality in mind.

A luxury RV is an RV that’s been designed or upgraded to the highest standards of comfort. It’s more than a recreation vehicle for camping and road travel – it’s an experience in and of itself. You could stay inside the RV all day and you’d enjoy yourself. 

Every luxury RV obviously has its own aesthetic, but you’ll often find touches like quartz countertops, smart lighting, Tempur-Pedic mattresses, full-sized showers, gas kitchen appliances, and large 4K TVs.

And while a luxury RV can cost upwards of $500k to $1 million to purchase, many are available to rent. So why not get a taste?

Reasons to Rent a Luxury RV

Most people think about camping when an RV comes to mind. But there are plenty of other reasons to rent a luxury RV. Here are a few of the most creative uses. You’re going to love them!

1. Vacations

Traveling is pretty hard these days, right? With all of the uncertainty surrounding the virus, it’s not like you can just hop on a plane and fly to a resort. You have to be more cautious and intentional. Even driving somewhere and staying in a hotel room is questionable. But with an RV, you can enjoy worry-free travel.

The great thing about traveling in an RV is that it’s like your personal house on wheels. It gets deep cleaned before you rent it and then it becomes a safe bubble for your family. Try visiting National Parks and other places where you can enjoy the great outdoors.

2. Tailgating

A luxury RV can take a tailgate to the next level. Whether it’s a professional football game, your kid’s cross-country baseball tournament, or a concert, you’ll have the best tailgate in town (complete with a bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning, etc.).

3. Temporary Housing

There are times when you’re temporarily homeless and need a place to stay. This includes situations where you’ve sold your house but haven’t yet closed on your next house; you’re renovating your current house; or you’re building a new house and need somewhere to stay for a few weeks or months. In all three of these situations, a luxury RV makes for a good temporary housing option. 

A luxury RV is safe, contained, and much nicer than your average hotel room. It also gives you flexibility to move around depending on your needs. 

4. Cross-Country Move

Relocating for a job? Moving to another city to be closer to friends and family? Consider renting an RV for your cross-country move. Not only is there space for the family, but it’s a much more comfortable way to drive 8, 10, or 14 hours. It’ll also create a fun memory that your family can look back on with fondness.

Another benefit of renting a luxury RV is that you can use it as temporary housing once you arrive in your new city. It gives you time to look around and find something that you really want, as opposed to getting pressured into buying/renting something right away just because you need a roof over your head.

5. Portable Office

If you’re taking a weeklong business trip out of town, an RV is a viable mode of transportation. Not only will it get you there in comfort and style, but you can use it as a portable office, even meeting with prospects or clients inside. If nothing else, you’ll leave a powerful, lasting impression. 

Ready, Set, Rent

A luxury RV is far more versatile than most people realize. So whether you’re going on vacation with the family, looking for temporary housing while you do renovations on your existing home, or you need a portable office for a week or two, remember that this is a viable option.