Medical Procedures

There are plenty of Los Angeles breast cancer surgeons to choose from all throughout the city. Some of them offer better treatment and more treatment options than other in the fight against breast cancer. When looking for a breast cancer surgeon be sure that the facility offers these 5 medical procedures.

Breast cancer screening

This is the top medical service that is provided by breast cancer clinics in LA. Undergoing regular exams is a crucial aspect of keeping up on your female health. It is the best preventative measure you can take against breast cancer. You can do a screening in several ways:

  • Routine breast self-exam
  • BRCA genetic testing
  • Breast biopsy
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Mammography

Once you reach 30 years old you should be performing frequent breast exams on yourself and get them done every year by a professional. Once you get older you should think about receiving a mammogram every year since your chances of developing breast cancer increase with age. The only time a breast biopsy is really necessary is if an irregular mass is felt or detected by a mammogram.

Breast reconstruction

One of the most aggressive surgical procedures for fighting breast cancer is a mastectomy. This is when you surgically remove the breast tissue completely and any cancerous masses within them. Afterwards you can reconstruct your breast to make them look as if nothing happened. Breast reconstruction is a surgical breast procedure that LA breast surgeons provide to make you feel confident even after a full mastectomy.

Breast cancer radiation therapy

Radiation is the first option for fighting breast cancer and if it is not successful it is followed up with the more aggressive mastectomy. It can also follow a mastectomy just to ensure that the cancer will not return. Radiation reduces the risk of recurrence to about 5%.

Breast cancer lumpectomy

If you and your doctor diagnose your breast cancer early on you might be a good candidate for a breast lumpectomy. It is a minimally invasive procedure that preserves breast tissues as much as possible. This reduces the need for full breast reconstruction. This surgery just requires a few small incisions that are placed in an unnoticeable way.

The main goal of a lumpectomy is to remove all of the cancerous cells but also leave behind the healthy breast tissue. This is completely different from a mastectomy since a mastectomy focuses on removing ALL of the breast tissue. If a lumpectomy is the surgical procedure you need be sure to find an LA surgeon who uses advanced techniques to leave behind healthy tissue.

Anti-hormone therapy

Breast cancer – and cancer in general – is a result of hormone imbalance. Breast cancer is often caused by an increase in estrogen in the body. Luckily this can be prevented by investing in anti-hormone therapy from the top LA breast cancer clinics.

The most common anti-hormone medication to prevent recurrence of breast cancer is Tamoxifen. It is the ideal treatment method for premenopausal women trying to reduce their risk of cancer. The only problem is the side effects that some women experience: hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings.