There are plenty of places in the world that celebrities like to hang out. Usually it is the trendiest bar, the hottest restaurant, or the street that is lined with the best boutiques. You can also find the A-list celebrities where it is beautiful when they decide to go on vacation. Be respectful of their privacy they may not wish to deal with fans when they are not working.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a popular place for movie stars, television stars, and pop stars to hang out. Head to Bondi Beach at the right time of day and you may just see an A-Lister coming out of the stunning ocean or sunbathing on the beautiful beach. There is a lot of filming being done in the Entertainment Quarter and you may just find someone famous people hanging out in between takes. Find out what the hottest clubs are and spend an evening there and you never know who you might run into. You can also enjoy going on a helicopter ride to see the city from above.


Paris, the capital city of France, has always been a popular place for celebs and you never know who you might see walking down the street, shopping, sitting at a cafe, or partying all night at the clubs. You can also head to the South of France where many famous people will head out on yachts or bask in the sun of the Saint-Tropez beaches. Cannes is where the world famous film festival is held every year and it is a great place to go for celeb spotting. If you rent a luxurious villa in France, your favourite celebrity could be staying down the road, so keep an eye out!

Malibu Beach, California

Many celebrities have homes in Malibu Beach so if you spend some time there you are sure to catch sight of someone out walking their dog, going for a swim or sun tanning on the beach. You can also walk along the mansion lined beach and see how the rich and famous live. Be sure to join a tour that will take you along the street and point out where the celebrities live.

New York City

New York City is an exciting city that never sleeps and it is filled with celebrities who live there or who have travelled there for work. Driving in New York takes a lot of time and the public transport is often more convenient. The famous people know this as well so you may even spot some celebrities riding on the subway. Find out what the hottest play is on Broadway and get tickets for it and you may spot some A-list celebrities in the audience. The night life of New York City is fabulous and there are plenty of restaurants and clubs that celebrities are known to frequent.

Capri, Italy

Plenty of celebrities hang out in the beautiful area of Capri in Italy. Many celebrities moor the yachts off the coast and then come into town at night to take advantage of the fabulous nightlife and great restaurants. You may spot some famous people shopping during the day along Via Camerelle, an area known for its luxury boutiques. If you enjoy cycling, then the Amalfi Coast is a very scenic area for a cycling holiday, but just make sure your travel insurance covers cycling.