Glass Fence

Often associated with luxury pools and rooftop oases, glass fences are sometimes overlooked by everyday homeowners as a simple and elegant upgrade to spruce up their own great outdoors. However, this easy upgrade can make all the difference, adding more fun, style, and value to your home. 

Before this summer’s pool parties and family barbeques, check out these reasons why a glass fence could be the most refreshing upgrade for your summer. 

1. Style

Whether you have acres of sprawling greens or a small patio, a glass railing can make your space shine. Because they are clear, glass fences can make smaller areas seem bigger, or keep your views of the nature around you. A glass railing is also a more modern look than a traditional wooden or metal fence, helping your yard appear more stylish and sophisticated. 

2. Property Value

Maybe you’re looking to sell your home or taking on a flipping project this summer, glass railings add a unique style to any patio, deck, or pool area that will seem more modern and streamlined than other options. They also outlast other fences and railings, adding to your value on resale. 


A glass railing can be used to secure outdoor decks or balconies, keeping your family safe from high winds or taking an accidental tumble. If you happen to own a pool, most cities now require that any pool deeper than 2 feet have a pool fence. Glass pool fencing adds several extra benefits to safety. For one, a glass fence can withstand extreme weather. It’s also clear, which allows you to see if somehow a little one has found their way where they shouldn’t be. 

4. Easy to Use

With glass railings rot, rust, and decay are things of the past. You can also forget having to paint, stain, or replace any planks since glass railings are made from tempered glass and constructed to withstand all elements. In fact, glass railings also can come with different coatings making cleaning a breeze. 

Whether a glass railing makes its way on to your list of home upgrades this summer or next, they clearly have a lot to add to any outdoor space.