cannabis med

Cannabis plants are very sought after, and not just for the psychoactive cannabinoids that create the ‘high’ when ingested or smoked (the most popular of which is THC). Cannabis products are used in chronic pain treatment, to treat nausea caused by chemotherapy in cancer therapy, and more recently, in the treatment of childhood epilepsy. Hemp oil from the plant can be used for hair growth and when used in massage, induces relaxation. The stems produce a sustainable, eco-friendly fibre used to make paper, clothing and other products. Every part of this plant is a potential cash mine. The legalization of cannabis in several places has made it a multi-million enterprise for anyone willing to put in the effort and time.

Up until recently, marijuana growing was not an exact science. Growers would plant regular seeds, which produce both male and female plants in no exact proportion, and then wait for the plants to mature enough to flower so they could identify the non-flowering male plants and the viable female plants which grow the buds that can be harvested. The grower had no control over how much of the yield would produce flowers. It was guesswork at best; this system only benefitted growers who propagated for seeds and not for the flowers of the plant.

The face of cannabis growing changed with the introduction of feminized cannabis seeds in the 90s. These seeds carry only female genetics, modified to only produce flowering female plants. Some traditional growers still prefer to plant seeds that produce both male and female plants, cross-pollinating the traditional way to get the most out of their yield, but more and more growers are turning to the surety and increased yield of feminized seeds to boost their harvest. Male plants have their merits, but if you aim to produce high-quality cannabis flowers, then these are the reasons why you should make the switch to feminized seeds:

Higher yield

Planting only feminized cannabis seeds will ensure a harvest of viable, fragrant buds, instead of picking through to separate the male plants from the viable females. A totally viable harvest means more money and a higher reward for your efforts.

100% success rate

Having your entire yield bear flowers and buds is absolutely a 100% success rate for growers! Seasoned growers know what it’s like to play the lottery of male and female plants with regular seeds. Wouldn’t you rather have a harvest that wins that lottery with all feminized seeds?

Saves time and resources

Growers have had to devote time, resources and precious growing space to random seeds for too long. Planting feminized seeds eliminate that waste of resources by making sure that you’re getting fruitful results for your efforts. You don’t have to tend your crop for months before separating the male and female plants; you’ll get female plants from the get-go. This narrows all your growing efforts, cost and time to a guaranteed yield.

The advantages of switching to feminized seeds are very clear. Any grower who wants to maximize yield and eliminate guesswork from the growing process needs to source high-quality feminized cannabis seeds for a booster harvest.