dating tips

First dates can be great or they can be something you dread ever doing again.

That said you can lower the odds of your next first date being a nightmare by doing a little investigative work.

With that thought in mind, will you end up with a winner of a first date or one you want to forget before you even return home?

Some Research Can Pay Off

When you are contemplating a first date with someone, will you take some time to do some research on them?

Among the keys to avoiding a nightmare first date:

Delve into background – First, will you spend time to learn more about them before meeting? One way to go about this is when you turn to the Internet for a free background check online. Such a check allows you to move closer to finding out pertinent details about the individual. For instance, you may discover they have a criminal record. If this is the case, are you still inclined to go out with them or move along to another person? If you opt for the former, it is wise to be careful to say the least. Sure, the criminal record may be made up of minor infractions. That said it could still lead you to question the person’s character. At the end of the day, you want to be sure your safety is your top focus (see more below).

Set the expectations – Unfortunately, too many people fail to set expectations. As a result, it can lead to misunderstandings or worse. With this being the case, your best bet is to be upfront with anyone you plan on meeting. In fact, be upfront with them from day one when emailing, talking on the phone or texting. You never want to send out the wrong signals to someone. It can lead to hurt feelings or worse. When you tell the other party exactly what it is you expect from dating, things tend to not go south.

Coming on too strong – Do not come on too strong on a first date. Even if you have feelings for the person after one meeting, that is too soon to get involved. Take the time to get to know them. If you’ve jumped into things a little too soon in the past, learn from such actions. You do not want your past interrupting your future. If it does, it could ruin the potential for something good to happen.

Safety Always is at the Forefront

Even when you have a bundle of excitement of getting back into the dating world, do it with your mind clear as can be.

This means making safety your main priority.

You can do this when you go to meet someone for a first date by doing the following:

· Let someone close to you know your plans

· Do not give out too much personal info early on

· Always meet someone in a public setting

If a first date with someone is in your near future, will you avoid having it turn into nightmare you keep reliving?